Surrender: A Biblical Perspective

If you haven’t read the first part, read it here.

One day shortly before Christmas break, Brent said, “I read something today I think you’d be interested in.”
Now let me just stop and tell you that my husband is a technological geek and anytime he says that it’s usually because he’s found the latest and greatest gadget and wants to tell me all about it…hoping I’ll agree with him that we can’t live any longer until we have that gadget. (He agrees that this is an accurate account.) 
Impatient, I couldn’t wait to read the article to know what was “so” interesting (again, I’m thinking some new gadget that I’ll never understand how to use) so I just asked him to tell me what it was about (and if I thought it was really worth my time, I would actually read the article).
 And he said to me, “I want you to stay at home.”
“I want you to quit work at stay at home.” 
“Like, as in next year?” 
That article was DEFINITELY worth my time and I couldn’t wait to get my eyes on it! Except for the fact that he couldn’t find it. He knew it was written by Mark Driscoll and he gave me the gist of it–it was an article about husbands and how they are to love their wives financially by providing for the family. 
Something I had longed for was seen as Biblical by my husband. He didn’t think it was unbiblical before, he just had never thought of it in light of God’s Word until he read the article. He has always wanted me to stay at home once we had children, but when we had Lily we just financially couldn’t make that happen and we never seriously considered it…until now. 
I concluded that Mark Driscoll is my HERO (haha) and it was time to buckle down and find some Scripture that confirmed what was on our hearts.

Part 3 coming soon…

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