Dear Frederick and Norma Rae

When Brent and I were in college, he received a Christmas card addressed to “Brent and Brittany”. We opened the card and out fell a picture of some toddler boy neither of us had ever seen. There was no “Dear So and So” inside the card, but the card was obviously not to us. It was for some other Brent and Brittany. Along with the picture, these unknown family members also sent $50! We looked back on the envelope and, sure enough, we read it right…addressed to “Brent and Brittany” at Brent’s address, from people we’d never heard of in Iowa. What a coincidence! We let the $50 sit around in his apartment for a good two months. When the real Brent and Brittany never claimed it, we did. We went to Mikata (“Mikata means fun”…for all my AU folk) for Brent’s birthday. My treat, ha!

I guess getting mail that doesn’t belong to us is normal. We have lived in this house for nearly 4 years and it seems that we get mail for ALL previous owners of our home. It’s understandable that we would get junk mail for previous owners, but we frequently get thoughtful, handwritten cards to them.  Unfortunately, none with money 😦 Maybe I’m just a Debbie Downer…but I don’t know that I would care for mail from “friends” that don’t know that I moved at least 4 years ago!

Today we recieved a card from Frederick and Norma Rae??? The card reads:

“We do think of you and your family often with beautiful memories. We continue to believe God for your complete healing in His time–not ours.  We love you and pray for you daily.  Take care–love and prayers, Frederick and Norma Rae
P.S. Frederick will be 80 in 2 weeks. Can you believe that? According to his doctors he should have died before he was forty. So hang in there!”

Dear Frederick and Norma Rae,
I’m not who you think I am. And the person you are looking for hasn’t lived here in at least FOUR years! If you really want them to know that you think of them often and good ol’ Freddy has beaten his life expectancy by 40+ years….maybe you should just call the person you are looking for. I would assume that since you don’t know they have moved, you must not keep in touch with them much. And by much I mean hardly at all. I’m sorry that the person you are hoping to write to never responds. I’m even more sorry that they don’t even know you wrote them a sweet note of encouragement. In the meantime, I guess we can add your family member/friend to our prayer list because they must need healing. Congrats to Frederick for 80 years!

Not the person you are looking for

Maybe I should save the address and send Frederick a birthday card in two weeks. What do you think?

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