Hot Chocolate and Headphones

Sitting here with a cup of hot chocolate…the real kind. I only do the packets if I have to. There’s something comforting about hot chocolate that has been heated in a pot over the stove instead of a packet that was dumped in cold water and thrown in the microwave.

I’m super cheap….the kind of super that calls for duper. Super duper cheap. The nice way to say it is frugal. But let’s just be honest, I don’t spend money unless I have to. I guess it’s a good thing and I can credit my parents for being that way. 
So when I want to hear music that I don’t have in my iTunes library, I listen to it on YouTube.  
Brent is watching a History Channel documentary on Ronald Reagan…something I know I will never get in to. I tell him I’m going to listen to some music on the computer and that I hope he can handle the show and hearing music at the same time. He suggests using headphones.

What a BRILLIANT idea! I’m telling you, I am slowly losing my technological sense of mind.

I’m listening to needtobreathe. Our Christian radio station up here, which is actually nationwide, is known to play a song way too many times and I quickly get sick of certain songs. But I will say I am very thankful for a radio station that plays Christian music. I became a little jaded when I heard needtobreathe on the radio and always changed the station. I recently heard them at a youth conference in Pigeon Forge and fell in love with them again. They are SO good live! They have much more of a blue-sy/rock sound live. And I love the lead singers almost scratchy voice. They just have a feel good beat to their music. What’s awesome is that they are going to be opening for Taylor Swift on her Speak Now World Tour 2011. I love it when Christian groups promote their music in the secular realm.

My favorite part of all their songs is the piano. The guy hits those keys in way that reminds me of my dad’s fingers on a piano. I think of him when I hear the piano in their music (and any piano for that matter).

By the way Dad, you need to record your music please 🙂

Here are two of my favorite songs from needtobreathe. Not so much for the lyrics (although I do like them), I just really like the music. Sorry neither of them have actual video. Just music. The ones I wanted to embed were disabled. You can buy their music here.

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