An Ode to Sparky

Our beloved Sparky,
Given a name by Dad, Ben, and Quinton,
We never truly knew your age
You came to us as a stray
And restored our canine joy after the loss of Gus. 
I was 10 and now 25,
At least 15 years.
You were a well behaved, loving dog
As long as you stayed away from Mrs. Harris.
You arrived already house-trained,
but in your older years you forgot what that meant.
You survived the removal of a mole nearly the size of your nose
So big that he was named Max.
You lived long enough to become an uncle to Sanibel and Lily,
and you spent many a days with your sweet Aunt Millie.
Your bark was persistent and loud
It was bearable until your breath began to smell like sewage.
You had such a sweet spirit,
never bit anyone but Lily.
Your best friend was Ben and he loved you dearly.
Dad, the one who taught us all to love a canine,
was the loyal friend who stayed with you until the end.
In the wee hours of Sunday morning, you took your last breath
Now you are buried deep by the tree stump out back.  
Sparky, you lived life to the fullest.
You will be missed.
Sparky Scott Wright
???- February 13, 2011 at 1:35 am 

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