Lily Lately

Try saying that title 10 times fast!

Many have asked, but the answer is no….I’m not doing Lily’s monthly blogs anymore. I will be updating you on her life with pictures in the new “Lily Lately” series. Here are some pictures of her in January/February.

 Violet is my best friend. She sings songs about me!
 I like to work on my computer.
 When I get mad, I like to scream at very high pitches that only a dog can hear. 
 I tilt my cup to the side so I can see while I drink!
 Bananas are still my favorite snack. I can eat an entire banana in record time. If I see one in the kitchen, I say “nana” and want it RIGHT NOW! 
 I love to read magazines. I also love to rip up the pages and hand them to Mommy.
 I like to play with something on my head. It really doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it hinders my vision I’m good. Mommy and Daddy don’t get it. 
 Mommy and Daddy go to a Bible study every other week and these boys are always there! Logan and Davis are going to be great friends 🙂
 I love to read the books in my room. Before I can read one, though, I have to pull every one of them out of the basket so I can make sure I pick the best one! 
 Cheerios are the perfect snack. I especially love to hold the box while I eat them. 
I like to climb on anything. 

 Did I mention that I love to read?
 I also like to make silly faces!
 I finally figured out how to sit in this chair all by myself!
 I like to try on Mommy’s house shoes. 
 You already know that I like to read and climb, so any chance to do both of those at the same time is awesome!
 I got a double ear infection and Mommy snuggled with me on the couch while we watched Veggie Tales. 
 I love it when Mommy raises the blinds on the back door so I can watch Sanibel play in the backyard. I can’t wait until I can run around with her outside! Mommy says it won’t be too much longer!
 My top two teeth are FINALLY coming in and with that comes a lot of responsibility…being able to hold my grilled cheese sandwich and bite into it. Mommy used to break it into pieces for me (and she still does sometimes), but I insist that I hold it myself. She stills hangs around me when I eat, though, just to make sure I don’t take too big of a bite. 
Mommy was making a casserole and asked me to crush the Ritz crackers?! I wasn’t sure that I was supposed to be doing this, so she had to show me what to do.

For Valentine’s day Mommy and Daddy bought me some bubble bath (which took some getting used to!) and a new sippy cup with Mickey Mouse on it. I’m not sure how to get anything out of it yet, but I do love playing with it! 
I am saying so many words now: mama, dada, dog, down, more, milk, juice, box, bag, stinky, “mote” for remote, snack, splash, and bye bye. Mommy and Daddy say I’m very smart and though I may not pronounce these words exactly right, I use them correctly and know what they mean.

I LOVE bathtime now. I heard that when you turn one, you have to learn to enjoy bathtime. I love to play with all my duckies and I even have a book that can get wet! I still don’t like getting dried off and putting lotion on, but I love trying to brush my hair!

I’m still not walking. Mommy and Daddy keep encouraging me to do it, and I’m just not quite ready yet. Shhh, I’m a little scared to do it. But one of these days I’m going to get over that fear and just take off!

I’m having fun being one! 

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