Lily Lately


That word alone sums up what you are. An absolute joy. We are so grateful for you and there are still some days that we can’t believe you belong to us.  
March has flown by and it’s hard to remember what all has happened. 
 Our goal is to spend time with the Lord as a family every night before you go to bed. Does it happen every night? No, but we do try! Here you are with Daddy’s hat on your head and Mommy’s brush in your hand and Daddy attempting to read to you. 
 Forget the story, let’s brush Daddy’s beard. 
Daddy decided to just lay down while you crawled around on the couch. 
 Then you decided that it would be best to hear the story while sitting on Daddy’s face… 
 …or crawling over him. Needless to say, family worship time wasn’t very, umm, reverent that night (or most nights for that matter). The good thing is, God wants the little children to come to him (Matthew 19:14) and I hope that our crazy attempt to read his Word together glorifies him. 
 Grandma Reese bought you this hat and pair of sunglasses from the $1 section of Target…who knew that they would quickly become your prized possessions? Forget all those toys you got for Christmas and your birthday…as long as you have your hat and sunglasses, you are one happy girl! You become SUCH a diva with those sunglasses on 🙂 
You have learned to get in your rocking chair all by yourself. You have also learned to stand up in it and use it to climb onto the couch…thanks Aunt Allison! 
One of your favorite things to do…remove all books from the basket, get in the basket, and read one of them.  
Reading in your chair is also a favorite. Actually, reading anything anywhere is something you really enjoy. Anytime Mommy or Daddy get a magazine in the mail you are the first to read it. You love the books you get with Chick Fil A happy meals because they have dogs in the pictures. You usually read these while in the car and if I didn’t know English, I would think you really were reading the pages. You have such expression when you jibber jabber! 
Sanibel getting her bone from you. You and Sanibel love to throw the bone together! 
Cutie pie in your adorable overalls that Mom and Pop gave you for Christmas.  
Of course, the outifit wouldn’t be complete without your hat.  
 Grandma Reese also found you some bunny ears…another favorite of yours. 
 The hat is even worn when you are eating. 
 Pulling all of the pots and pans out of the cabinet so you can crawl in!
 TBone reading your Bible story before you went to bed. See how nice you are sitting?
 Mommy had an event at school one night and you and Daddy went with her. You fell asleep in the car on the way home, but we still had to change your diaper and clothes. You were so tired that you stayed asleep through all the changing…definitely out of the ordinary!
 This takes talent. 
You must have a thing for wearing things on your head. 
Don’t tell Minnie, but I think “Melmo” is your new favorite character. You don’t actually have a stuffed Elmo, but he is on your diapers, in one of your books, and on a DVD. You talk about Elmo all the time. When we are changing your diapers, you ask to hold a diaper with Elmo on it. If the diaper has another Sesame Street character on it, you hand it back to us and said “Melmo”. I think we are going to take you this weekend to get you an Elmo. 
“Mac Mac” is your friend at daycare. His name is Mack and he must be your boyfriend because you sure do say his name a lot. You talk about him on the way to school every morning and all day long while you are there. 
You know that “no” means to stop but you don’t understand that it is a command that must be followed immediately and if not followed immediately, it means a spanking. For the record, I do believe in spanking (Proverbs 13:24) and I’m not beating my child. You like to tell Sanibel “no no” when she comes near your high chair (which is everytime you are eating). I must admit, it’s quite funny when you tell us “no no” but we can NOT let that show! We can’t lead you to think that telling us no is a funny game.

You’ve had many visitors over the past month. Grandma Reese, Grandaddy, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Katie, her boyfriend Zach, Grandma Ruby, and Papaw came up to our house to grill out for Daddy’s birthday. Nana No Name and TBone came up to see you on their Spring Break. You went to Birmingham to stay with Grandma Reese and Grandaddy while Mommy and Daddy did DNow with the youth at church.

You can sing the “tells me so” part of “Jesus Loves Me” and it is SO cute!!! You can also sing the Elmo song. Unfortunately, only Aunt Katie knows that song so we don’t sing it very often.

You love being outside so we recently bought some patio furniture, thanks to gift cards from Mom and Pop and Granny Rosie. You crawl to the back door and say “sigh”, “dog”, and “ball” letting us know that we need to go outside with the dog and play ball 🙂

We took you to see an ENT since you are consistently having ear infections 1 or 2 times a month. He was ready to put tubes in your ears until he heard that you would be out of daycare after May. He told us it would be ok to wait. However, you recently got a double ear infection so Mommy and Daddy are praying about what to do. You see your pediatrician for your 15 month check up next week. After we talk to him, we will have a better idea of what to do. Mommy is most worried about your development. You don’t eat when you are sick and if you are sick an average of 2 weeks out of every month, there’s no way you are getting the nutrition you need. And the medicine you are on to clear up the infection rips your stomach apart. We thought blow outs were a thing of the past. This round of antibiotics have made us realize that they are not. It seems every time we turn around, you are in need of a bath and a change of clothes.

I thought by 15 months you would be walking, but you aren’t. Daddy says it’s not a big deal and I’m sure it’s not. But I’m a mommy and I worry that something is wrong. I pray there isn’t. Hopefully your pediatrician can give us some ideas to motivate you to walk. 

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