My Day in a Sarcastic Nutshell

Can I just be me for a minute???
  • It’s 8:30 pm and I haven’t been home since I left the house this morning at 7 am. Days like this are not exactly my favorite.
  • I have 7 emails stuck in my outbox. For whatever reason, they don’t want to be sent.
  • I learned today how incredibly disproportionate I am (is that even a word?) when getting measured for a bridesmaid dress. I emailed the dress shop to see what size they suggest I order…but guess where that email is? Sitting in my outbox.
  • Lily had her 15 month appt. this afternoon. Everything is looking great except her ears. She just finished a round of antibiotics for an ear infection. It cleared up the infection but there is still a ton of fluid in her ears.
  • Dr. B thinks she isn’t walking yet because of all that fluid…her balance is off.
  • Because of this lingering fluid (which I don’t think has ever completely gone away since she started getting all these ear infections) she has been put on amoxicillin again and a nasal spray.
  • I had planned on cooking dinner tonight, ya know, because we are super duper not spending money right now. But we ate out instead because we would have eaten really late had I gone home and cooked.
  • Then, I went to the grocery store to get a few things. Guess what??? They had everything but one item that I had to have.
  • So I went to another grocery store to get the one thing I couldn’t get at the other one and realized I have a new pet peeve…when you only buy a few things and the cashier is so friendly that she throws the receipt at you and watches you stand on your tippy toes to reach over the debit card swipe thingy to get your grocery bag. Why don’t you just hand it to me?
  • The pharmacy was my last stop. I had to pick up 3 prescriptions, one for me and two for Lily. First, I had to give them our new insurance info. Then, he rang up the the meds and I was ready to swipe my card and go home until he said, “Do you know that the nasal spray is $109 on your new insurance?” And I said, “Oh, that’s fine. I’m made of money  Do I know WHAT?” No thank you. I asked for the generic, but that doesn’t exist.
  • My prescription has gone up a whopping $47 dollars. 
  • Thankfully, the amoxicillin (which has become so common around here I think Lily can spell it) was still under $10.
  • Finally, I arrived home. I stood in the doorway and realized that I better find a bathroom fast. My bladder was overfull. Hmm…maybe that’s because the last time I went to the bathroom was at 1:20 when my kids went to PE.

And Brent says, “Sounds like a fun day.” 
I’m SO thankful that God gave me a sense of humor so I can laugh at days like today. 
I’m also thankful that my biggest medical expense right now is $109 for nasal spray to help clear drainage, as opposed to thousands of dollars spent on cancer treatments. I realize there are many other families out there that would give anything to trade their illnesses for ours. 
I’m also thankful that my entire day and all its details were appointed by God. And I know that when the pharmacist told me the price of the nasal spray, He certainly wasn’t picking his jaw off the floor saying, “WHAT.” He was the one saying to me, “Oh, it’s fine. I made money.” 
Please know that I’m not complaining…this was meant for laughter. Days like today, when there are a ton of things that don’t go exactly the way you wish and hold a few surprises, are just reminders that God is never surprised because He is in control. Nothing happens that isn’t either caused or allowed by God. 
And by the way…if you are one of the lucky few (more like the lucky thousands) that got an email from me with a sketchy link, I DID NOT SEND IT TO YOU.  Disregard and delete. 

3 thoughts on “My Day in a Sarcastic Nutshell

  • Poor Lily. We've gotten our first dose of ear infections/amoxicillin – I can't imagine going through this as often as y'all have!

    At least you have insurance and didn't have to pay full price for all those meds. That's what I tell myself every time I leave the pharmacy picking my jaw up off the floor.

    Love y'all!

  • Hey, The day I got tubes put in Thomas Holt's ears was the day he started walking and the day he said his first word…..”outside”. Yep, not mama, dada or anything like that, outside. Which is quite appropriate since that is where he enjoys being more than anywhere.
    Saying prayers for sweet Lily's ears! Love ya!

  • Hey Brittany, Brandy just showed me your blog. As much antibiotics Lily has been taking she needs to take a probiotic. Most doctors only think of drugs. The antibiotics kill bacteria in your body, good and bad. A probiotic will put the good back in. If you take one while you take the antibiotic, two hours before or two hours after it will help if they have diarrhea too. Google Lactobacillus and do some research on the benefits of a probiotic. You can also go to and look that up too. If she takes a probiotic it will boost her immunity too!!

    Aunt Nancy

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