Lily Lately

I know I’ve said this on all of your updates, but Lily you are so so so much fun! It just gets better everyday! We are so blessed by your precious life and we are thankful for all the joy you bring to our lives.
  • Your stubborn and strong-willed attitude (that I’m sure does NOT come from the Wright in you…haha!) is starting to shine,  but we are being consistent in making it clear that you don’t tell us no and we make you say “pees” (please) before you can have/do something. You are improving 🙂
  • Your ears are looking great! Last time we went to the doctor, your ears had no fluid sitting on them. Dr. B wants to keep you on nasal spray until the end of May. Praise God! Hopefully tubes are not in your future. 
  • Anytime someone says the word “good” you say “mmmm” so we’ve been asking you, “Lily, is God good?” And you say “mmmm” 🙂 

 Now that the weather has finally warmed up, many of our days (at least the ones that aren’t stormy) are spent outside. 
 Linsey came to visit you 🙂 
 You are so good at handing me things you know you aren’t supposed to have. You hold your hand out and say “thank you” or something like it. 
 During Mommy’s spring break we went to Uncle Ben’s (you call him “B”) house in Tuscaloosa to grill out. Check out the dirt on those legs! By the way, I must add that it was at B’s house you began to say “no” and hit with a stubborn attitude. I blame it on Tuscaloosa. 
 Riding in your wagon has become a daily favorite. 
 As you can tell by the smile on your face 🙂 
 Deep in thought…
 Why oh why your daddy decided to make this silly face, I have no idea. Beth and her sweet boy Samuel came by over spring break. You are a little over a year older than him. You had no problem when Mommy held Samuel, but you had a fit when Daddy held him so he had to take both of you!
On the riding lawn mower again

More deep thoughts from the wagon

Sweet girl 🙂 

Probably a bird or a plane, but to you it’s a dog…because everything that’s not a person is a dog. 

Talking on Mommy’s “hey” 

Still hanging on to Mommy’s “hey”. You usually pick it up and say “Katie”. Apparently you like to talk your aunt on the phone. 

 Love this expression!
You do not like sitting in your high chair anymore. You prefer to sit (and I won’t type the way you actually say it…haha!) in a real chair. You are growing up SO fast! 
HAHA…you aren’t quite tall enough. We have now put your booster seat in the chair and you eat from the table instead of the tray. 

Your Easter basket from Grandma Reese (full of all things Elmo…or “Melmo”)

You weren’t a big fan of all the grass

Elmo Easter eggs filled with Puffs!

All your new Elmo things. You also got more Elmo books from Nana No Name. 

Aunt Katie came to the rescue on Good Friday. Your daycare was closed but Mommy’s school wasn’t. Katie spent the night and played with you all day! You were so good for her…not once did you say “no”! She needs to come back more often. 

 Easter Sunday was spent at home (we went to Bham on Saturday for the day). Between getting ready for church then coming home after lunch and you going down for a nap, the typical Easter pictures just didn’t happen. Here you are about to go out the door to church…notice the remote…

 You brought it with you to church

Playing with your Elmo eggs
Easter Sunday last year…
 Easter Sunday this year
Lily, He ROSE from the grave. He’s not dead anymore. You don’t have to cry about it! 

Little Victories

I’m not a worrier. Many that know me may disagree. But I’m not a worrier.

Unless I’m dealing with money…or the lack of it. Then, I’m one big ball of a mess of worrying. And it absolutely consumes me.

I guess you could say I am FREAKING OUT about money right now. Why? Because we don’t have enough money in our bank account to last us through the month of April. Why am I telling you this? As Paul said in Philippians 4, “Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

I’m not telling you this because we have a great need. I’m telling you this because in order for my life and this blog to be for His glory, I have to be transparent. I have to tell the whole story. I am also not having a pity party (although there are plenty of moments that I want to, I have to remember that we are in this position for a reason and a pity party is just going to put the focus on me and not on Him. He must increase, I must decrease John 3:30). I realize there are multitudes of people that have much greater needs and that I don’t really know what it means to be in need compared to other situations. My life, no matter how little we have right now, is still luxurious to many.

Side note…just saw a commercial for Denny’s…bacon meatloaf and bacon sundae???


Last week I decided it was time to do something with all this worry. It’s not healthy. It wasn’t only affecting me, but it was also affecting Brent because I began to doubt the success of his new career choice (which, ultimately, is not his choice but God’s plan). So I had a little talk with Jesus, and I told Him all about my troubles. And ya know what I found…a little talk with Jesus makes it right. [insert musical notes]

And this is what He led me to (buckle up, this is gonna be a shocker): “For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”  Matthew 6: 32-33

Maybe I’m just dumb, but for the first time ever I think I get this verse. I don’t need to be seeking after all my needs and how they are going to be met. I need to be seeking the One who provides for my needs. He knows my every need, I don’t. It’s that simple. His job is to provide, my job is to stay focused on Him, the author and perfecter of my faith. The one thing I need to be concerned about is my relationship with Him because it is the only thing over which I have some control. I can’t control how my needs will be met, I can only control how much I choose to trust the One who has already promised to provide for my every need.

On Wednesday, I took Lily to the doctor for a re-check on her ears. At her 15 month appointment, she had just recovered from a double ear infection but there was fluid still sitting on her ears. Dr. B put her on antibiotics and nasal spray and wanted her back in two weeks to see if the fluid was gone. I was slightly worried that if the fluid was still there that he would recommend tubes (ENT…been there done that). I don’t mind getting tubes in her ears, but I do mind the expense! But guess what?! Her ears looked great…no fluid 🙂

He provides…for our health.

We just changed insurance and our co-pay went up in price. However, when I went to pay for her doctor’s visit, I learned that we don’t have a co-pay for well-baby visits. So, the co-pay I paid at her 15 month appt (which I didn’t actually owe) went toward a $26 bill on shots that the insurance didn’t cover and the rest helped pay for her co-pay Wednesday.

He provides…for our finances. 

On the way home, I was thinking of my friend Beth. I thought about calling her to see if we could come see her and her sweet baby boy, but Lily was getting fussy and it was nap time so I thought it would be best to just go home and let her sleep. As soon as that thought processed through my brain, I got a text message from her that said, “Asking God this morning to provide your needs according to his riches and glory…in the midst of this storm He knows and hears you and will provide in ways that are not our ways.” That last part is something I really have to remember…He provides in ways that are not my ways. If I had it my way, Brent would have sold 100 life policies yesterday. Ha!

He provides…wonderful friends and family.

I got home, put Lily down, and grabbed my Bible. I’m reading a devotional for a book review and the particular devo I read that day said, “Thank You that you are the great, faithful God who longs to give each one of Your children personal victories over the evil one…I praise you that these privileges give me increasing strength and victory through our Lord Jesus Christ–victory over Satan and all his schemes, victory over the world system and all its corruption, and victory over my own fleshly nature and failings. What a privilege, what a joy divine to be able to lean with full confidence on Your everlasting arms, which enable me to thrust out the enemy.”

He provides…His Word. 

The enemy is doing a darn good job at giving me situations that make me worry and doubt and I will admit that he is winning a lot.

But I’m very thankful that God gives me little victories like the ones on Wednesday that remind me of how stupid I am to ever think I have any reason to worry. Thankful also that He has mercy on me and my many shortcomings and remembers that I am but flesh (Psalm 78:39).

He provides…little victories. 

Lord have YOUR way in me. Let me put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for what my mind and flesh really want to do…worry and doubt. (Romans 13:14).

This ain’t easy and my faith has never been more challenged than it is right now. But THANK GOD He is working all things out for my good and for His glory!!! Otherwise we’d be up a creek. I know one day we will look back and think, “Why did we ever worry?” Well, the question will be more like, “Why did I ever worry?” because Brent isn’t worried. Thankful for that! If he worried and stressed about money to the same degree that I do, it wouldn’t be possible for the two of us to ever be under the same roof. Ha!

Where are the Sluggers?

I can’t tell you how excited I am that baseball season is here! I LOVE baseball and all that comes with it…the weather, the hot dogs, the crowd, etc. The Braves are my favorite, but I think that’s because they are the closest MLB team to me. I don’t really pull for any one team…I just love to watch the sport.

I took my students (and their parents) on a 2 night field trip to Kentucky. We visited the Louisville Slugger museum and the Creation Museum.

Slugger Museum = best field trip ever!

Before the tour began, we watched a short movie while we waited. I’m very thankful I did for I gained information that was valuable for the actual tour!

The movie was very short and boring. I was so distracted from reading the captions at the bottom of the screen I didn’t really know what the whole movie was about. The only question I had was…

Where are the Sluggers?
You see, the movie only showed players from other teams that used the Louisville Slugger’s bats. I wanted to know why they weren’t interviewing the Sluggers. I mean, if we are here to learn all about the Slugger’s and promote them, why are we watching a movie about other teams? Isn’t it a little strange for other teams to be using the Sluggers bats? Shouldn’t they use their own?

So I sent Brent a text message.
“We are watching a movie about OTHER teams at the Slugger’s museum?!” Ya know, like a “can you believe this?” kind of attitude.

Something was just wrong with this picture. Then, about 3/4 of the way through the movie something clicked with me.

Before Brent had time to respond, I texted him again and said, “Are the Sluggers a team or do they just make bats?”

“They just make bats.” replied Brent.

OOOOHHHHH so that’s why I haven’t seen any players in this movie wearing a “Sluggers” jersey!

You see, I knew Slugger bats existed, but I thought they were made exclusively for the Slugger’s baseball team in Lousiville!

Thankful that I learned this BEFORE the tour, otherwise I would have been extremely confused and quite possibly asked a stupid question.

Let’s start over…

I can’t tell you how excited I am that baseball season is here! I LOVE baseball and all that comes with it…the weather, the hot dogs, the crowd, etc. The Braves are my favorite, but I think that’s because they are the closest MLB team to me. I don’t really pull for any one team…I just love to watch the sport.

Baseball is a great American sport and I do like to watch it occasionally, especially when a trip to Atlanta to see the Braves play also means a trip to White Water or Six Flags.

But I must say that I have a lot to learn before I can prove that I love the sport.

Slugger Museum = best field trip ever!  Enjoyed the museum, but I don’t care to go back.

Go Louisville Sluggers! HAHA 🙂

Belated Birthday and April Fool’s Day

First of all, I’m a TERRIBLE mother! At least to my blog anyway. My blog’s 3rd birthday was March 28th and normally I celebrate with a giveaway from the Something Store. Well, the blog’s birthday came and went this year and I didn’t even notice until last night.

So read this first, then I’ll tell you what I’m going to do to celebrate.

My cousin (Thomas Holt, TH, THolt, Uncle TH) had a baseball game up here last night. I haven’t seen him or my aunt since Christmas so I jumped at the chance to see them. Little did I know when I planned to go that it would help me with my slick little prank I played on my students today.

Yesterday morning the admin. asst. at school informed me that her son (who is in my class) LOVES April Fool’s Day. Just in case he was planning something, it was imperative that I also have a prank planned.

I love pranks, within reason, but I’m not usually the one to come up with an idea…I just go along with other people’s ideas. So I googled for some classroom pranks, but everything involved too much planning and buying. I was short on time and was not going to spend money on this prank. I remembered how awful I am at lying. I can’t do it with a straight face. Any prank I pulled on my students would have to be something that could be accomplished in my absence, otherwise it would be a bust.

So on Thursday at the end of the day I asked my students to pray for safe travels because I had to go visit my aunt, but I couldn’t give any details. A student asked if she lived in Birmingham and I answered yes. I didn’t lie to them. I was going to see my aunt and she does live in Birmingham. So my students assumed I was headed to Birmingham.

Then, I typed a letter to them, explaining my Aunt Shirley (who doesn’t exist in my family) has a rare skin disease. She is not expected to live much longer and she needs a family member to move in with her until she passes. I had to move to Birmingham soon after school on Thursday so I could care for her. I will be unable to return to school the rest of the year. The sub for the remainder of the year is Mrs. S. Please wait in your seats until she comes to get you.

I made copies of the letter and each student had a copy on their desk when they arrived this morning.

I was still at home. I had to stay in hiding. They know my car so I couldn’t even be in the parking lot.  My students walked in my room at 7:45 and at 8:05 Mrs. S went in my room to get them. She pretended to be very upset…even cried and made her face look red and splotchy. She had them bring all of their textbooks into her room and she began teaching their history lesson.

When my students were still in my room, they were thinking that it was just a joke. But when Mrs. S went through the trouble of having them move their things and start a history lesson, they began to wonder and got very concerned. Some were on the brink of tears. Thankfully at this point (8:15) I walked in and yelled “April Fool’s” and they all freaked out, screaming, jumping, saying “I knew it!” and hugging me 🙂 I told them the only part of that letter that was true was the “I love all of you” part.

When we got back to my room I asked who believed it was true. All but 2 of them fell for it…I’d say that’s a success!!!

Now for the blog’s birthday…I thought about finding a creative idea, but I’m just not one to mess with tradition. So, leave a comment if you want a chance to win something from the Something Store. Follow me and you’ll get two entries. You have until Sunday April 3 at midnight to enter.

What Does Hate Look Like?

I’m not talking about the hate you are thinking of.

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.”
Luke 14:26

I’m talking about the kind of devotion to the Lord that makes every other relationship look like hatred. John Wesley’s commentary is this, “Comparatively to Christ: yea, so as to actually renounce his field, oxen, wife, all things, and act as if he hated them, when they stand in competition with him. “

But what does that kind of hate actually look like? 

I have a precious student in my classroom. She has a mother, father, older brother, and younger sister and they are all from another country. They are missionaries and have been in the States for roughly two years now. The father returned to his home country today, leaving behind his wife and children. They plan to join him later in the summer.

I can’t imagine being the mother in this situation. No family anywhere near me other than my three children. My husband on his way to a country that is known for persecuting Christians. Can you imagine the faith it takes to be the wife? Can you imagine what a WONDERFUL eternal lesson this is for the children?

Many would say that it is selfish of him to leave his family. What if he is injured, thrown into prison, or even killed? Wouldn’t if be safer if he just stayed with his family? Wouldn’t it be better if just waited until school was out and left with the family this summer?

If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. –Jesus

I spoke with the mother today to let her know I would do whatever I could to help her out. She was very somber, of course, and any sign of makeup had been washed off earlier by the rush of her tears. She told me her husbands words were, “I have to go now.” The Holy Spirit was leading him to leave now. He understands the sense of urgency. He understands that his life is but a breath and though he does love his wife and children, he loves his God more. We are put on this earth to warn people of God’s wrath and give them the hope of Good News. We hear the Great Commission preached all the time, but this man is one who isn’t just a hearer of the Word, he actually does it and does it immediately.

Will you please join with me in prayer over the “J” family? Pray for safety, peace, provision, and continued faith. Pray also for the people the father will come in contact with. My student’s prayer request was that the “police don’t get him.” So…pray that the police won’t get him 🙂 Thank you!

It’s gonna be worth it.