Lily Lately

I know I’ve said this on all of your updates, but Lily you are so so so much fun! It just gets better everyday! We are so blessed by your precious life and we are thankful for all the joy you bring to our lives.
  • Your stubborn and strong-willed attitude (that I’m sure does NOT come from the Wright in you…haha!) is starting to shine,  but we are being consistent in making it clear that you don’t tell us no and we make you say “pees” (please) before you can have/do something. You are improving 🙂
  • Your ears are looking great! Last time we went to the doctor, your ears had no fluid sitting on them. Dr. B wants to keep you on nasal spray until the end of May. Praise God! Hopefully tubes are not in your future. 
  • Anytime someone says the word “good” you say “mmmm” so we’ve been asking you, “Lily, is God good?” And you say “mmmm” 🙂 

 Now that the weather has finally warmed up, many of our days (at least the ones that aren’t stormy) are spent outside. 
 Linsey came to visit you 🙂 
 You are so good at handing me things you know you aren’t supposed to have. You hold your hand out and say “thank you” or something like it. 
 During Mommy’s spring break we went to Uncle Ben’s (you call him “B”) house in Tuscaloosa to grill out. Check out the dirt on those legs! By the way, I must add that it was at B’s house you began to say “no” and hit with a stubborn attitude. I blame it on Tuscaloosa. 
 Riding in your wagon has become a daily favorite. 
 As you can tell by the smile on your face 🙂 
 Deep in thought…
 Why oh why your daddy decided to make this silly face, I have no idea. Beth and her sweet boy Samuel came by over spring break. You are a little over a year older than him. You had no problem when Mommy held Samuel, but you had a fit when Daddy held him so he had to take both of you!
On the riding lawn mower again

More deep thoughts from the wagon

Sweet girl 🙂 

Probably a bird or a plane, but to you it’s a dog…because everything that’s not a person is a dog. 

Talking on Mommy’s “hey” 

Still hanging on to Mommy’s “hey”. You usually pick it up and say “Katie”. Apparently you like to talk your aunt on the phone. 

 Love this expression!
You do not like sitting in your high chair anymore. You prefer to sit (and I won’t type the way you actually say it…haha!) in a real chair. You are growing up SO fast! 
HAHA…you aren’t quite tall enough. We have now put your booster seat in the chair and you eat from the table instead of the tray. 

Your Easter basket from Grandma Reese (full of all things Elmo…or “Melmo”)

You weren’t a big fan of all the grass

Elmo Easter eggs filled with Puffs!

All your new Elmo things. You also got more Elmo books from Nana No Name. 

Aunt Katie came to the rescue on Good Friday. Your daycare was closed but Mommy’s school wasn’t. Katie spent the night and played with you all day! You were so good for her…not once did you say “no”! She needs to come back more often. 

 Easter Sunday was spent at home (we went to Bham on Saturday for the day). Between getting ready for church then coming home after lunch and you going down for a nap, the typical Easter pictures just didn’t happen. Here you are about to go out the door to church…notice the remote…

 You brought it with you to church

Playing with your Elmo eggs
Easter Sunday last year…
 Easter Sunday this year
Lily, He ROSE from the grave. He’s not dead anymore. You don’t have to cry about it! 

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