Top Ten for Mother’s Day

Top Ten (out of a million) Reasons Why I Love My Mother (in no particular order): 
10.  She makes amazing chicken salad.
9. She invented laughter. 
8.  She always makes me see a difficult situation from another perspective. As annoying as that was in my teenage years, I appreciate it because it taught me to not focus on me. 
7. We can have an entire conversation by laughing. 
6.  She loves the Lord and it is evident that she puts Him first in her life. 
5. She taught me to pay a higher price for quality rather than paying little for something that won’t last. As a result, it has made me overly picky when shopping for clothes. 
4.  She taught me to be extremely frugal. 
3.  She drinks as much as I do (sweet tea people, duh!)     
2.  She may get older but I don’t think she will ever act older…haha!
1.  She is selfless. 
Top Ten (out of a million) Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom (in no particular order):
10.  I always have a reason to smile.
9.  I have the privilege to raise a daughter to fear and love God.  
8.  I can experience a love that only a mother can know. 
7. Getting up early on a Saturday morning is actually fun because I get to see her sweet face and hear her say, “MAMA!”.
6.  I have an excuse to take a nap in the middle of the day. I still abide by the “sleep when baby sleeps” rule. 
5.  Call me crazy, but I’m “living my dream” as some people say…being a momma 🙂 
4.  I have a reason to go on a walk everyday because a certain someone LOVES to be outside.
3. I get to create special traditions and memories.
2.  Whether she is laughing, eating, crying, sleeping, pitching a royal fit with her head thrown back screaming “no” and hitting me…anytime is a good time to spend with her. It’s true what they say, “The days are long but the years are short.” 
1.  Sweet hugs and kisses from my girl 🙂 
And I can’t forget my other moms:
 My mother in law, Teresa, who makes the BEST crock pot pizza in the world…haha 🙂 She is a faithful woman who always puts her family first before any of her needs. She raised one heck of a gentleman! 
“Mom”–my mom’s mom. Alliteration anyone? The one who taught me to iron and, thankfully, Brent learned too so I never have to do it! She gave me an appreciation for black eyed peas, fried okra, and fresh tomatoes.  She also gave me my first sip of sweet tea at the age of 8 months (I think?), hence my love for the southern delicacy. She encourages others through written words. I have many letters from her that I have saved through the years. She is a perfect example of a Proverbs 31 woman. 

Granny Rosie–my dad’s mom. She’s famous for her sweet tea and hamburgers, and everything else she cooks for that matter. She makes the most comfortable pallets! She is a prayer warrior. She always sees that every member of her family is taken care of before herself. Her life is a testimony of faithfulness and love for her Savior. Greatest memory I have with her: sleeping on a pallet on her bedroom floor listening to her read the Bible. 
And I can say of all these women in my life, “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” (Proverbs 31: 29)
Happy Mother’s Day!

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