The ring I’ll never wear

It’s strange to think I’ve lived here as long as I lived in Auburn. Auburn became home immediately. I’m still waiting on this place to feel like home…

Merely a thought and totally unrelated to this post. 
Just a heads up…there is a part of this post that may be too much information. I warn you now and apologize. If you don’t care for bathroom humor, stop reading now. 
This past weekend we went to Birmingham for my cousin TH’s graduation. Here he is with Lily last summer in Fort Myers… 
Congratulations!!! He will be attending Itawamba Community College (not “hit-a-wombat”) in the Fall. 
While we were there, I decided to look for my American Girl Doll “Kirsten”. One of my students is from India  and she and her family are moving back there this summer to be missionaries. She loves American Girl dolls but doesn’t have one of her own. I certainly don’t need Kirsten anymore and I want to give it to her. That is if she can ignore the hot pink fingernail polish that covers the doll thanks to my brother who, when he was young, thought she (and my dresser) would be prettier if she had nail polish all over her. 
So as I’m looking for Kirsten in the top of my closet in my bedroom at home I come across a pearl ring I received from my parents as a Christmas gift while in college. I’ve never been able to wear the ring consistently because the pearl won’t stay on the post. We sent it back to the jeweler several times, only to have the pearl fall off again and again. Just before my wedding, I left the ring at my parents house to be sent to the jeweler yet again to see if they could find a better solution to keep the pearl on the post. In all the craziness of graduating and having a wedding within 2 weeks of each other, the pearl was kind of forgotten about. 
I thought I had lost it. 
I never found Kirsten in the top of my closet this weekend, but I did find my pearl ring! I was so excited 🙂 I put it on and showed it off like I was newly engaged. 
We were all about to leave for dinner and as any smart girl would do, I ran to the restroom before we left. 
I went.
I wiped. 
I heard something unexpected. 
The pearl had fallen in my pee. 
[I warned you!]
Of course I started laughing so hard that I was crying and couldn’t stand up straight…all the while I couldn’t decide if I should flush or not. So I opened the door and called my mom in. She joined in the laughter. I called my dad in. He joined in the laughter. And before you know it, we’re all gathered ’round the still-not-flushed toilet laughing. 
My dad got some kind of contraption that apparently plumbers always have handy (he’s not a plumber, he just had it handy) and he was able to get it out. He must love me 🙂 
Thankfully, I have the ring and the CLEAN pearl in a plastic bag waiting to go to the jeweler to see if there is any hope of me ever wearing that ring again. 
Problem is, I don’t have a clue where I put that bag! 

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