Say what?

It’s rare that I ask Brent go to the store to buy groceries. When I do, I always make a list so that he only buys what we need. Tonight, I asked him to go to Kroger to get some diapers and a few things for dinner for tomorrow. On his way home he calls me to tell me he got me a surprise. I LOVE surprises, but I also LOVE to not spend unnecessary money. Haha 🙂 So I’m sure it seemed extremely ungrateful of me when I disappointingly said to my sweet husband, “oh really?” And he proceeded to tell me that actually all three of us got a surprise from the grocery store. So my disappointed “oh really?” turned into a “What in the world were you thinking? This is why I never ask you to go to the store because you can’t stick to the list!” I gave him a hard time, of course in a completely sarcastic joking manner, and it really doesn’t matter that he spent a few extra dollars on some things.  I just thought it was humorous that he can’t go to the store without buying something extra. So what was the surprise you ask? I got some dark chocolate cream for my coffee (YUM!), Lily got a snack holder, and Brent got some Chex Mix (he bought the Kroger brand to save money, haha! That made me feel slightly better). I know all of you are thinking…big deal Brittany, it’s not like he went out and bought a new TV or something. You just don’t understand how frugal I am…it’s ridiculous. Ask Brent since he has to deal with it all the stinkin’ time.

Anyway…now to the reason I decided to write this post.

We’re starting a new blog series. Notice I said “we’re”…meaning Brent is going to have some input. Actually, he won’t have a whole lot of input because I know he will never actually sit down and post anything. But the series was his idea…

Ever heard of Google Voice?

Brent has it on his phone and it has a feature that transcribes his voice mails.

Late at night when we finally get in the bed and both of us are on the brink of being delirious, we read his voice mails from the day and laugh till our sides hurt. Google Voice can really mess up a message and it is hilarious. At least we think it is. I hope you do too. Read on…outloud…

I got a rent done. And I don’t know. I’m going to it. I don’t. Clara. So a time, and leola. Hey, next. Hey, hey he. Chow Yes, the.

And that would be the message.

Thankfully, Brent can also listen to the message. Otherwise he would have no clue who it was from and what they were saying. You would think the message would be from Clara and about rent. It’s actually from Lily 🙂 You can listen to it below. SO precious!!!

I hope this at least made you grin. Happy Wednesday!

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