My Mission Field

Let’s be honest.

It used to be extremely hard for me to not be jealous of mommas who stayed at home with their babies. I had a hard time reading blogs or facebook statuses about their days spent at home with their children. It just made me mad and I had a terrible attitude that said, “Well their husbands obviously make enough money for them to survive on one income…hmm, must be nice.” I need forgiveness of that horrible attitude.  Let it be said that I don’t ever intend to say anything on this blog, facebook, twitter, etc to make anyone jealous. I just want to be an encouragement and share my heart with you. 
Since December, when the Lord began speaking to our heart’s about me not returning to work, I have come to realize that the sweet mommas I know that stay at home aren’t doing it because they are loaded and don’t have to work. They stay at home because the Lord has called them to full-time ministry in their home. 
I think many of us mothers, including me, make our decisions of working vs. staying at home based solely on our financial situation. It has nothing to do with finances and it has everything to do with faith. If it were based on finances, I would be returning to work in August.  
I’ve heard a few older mothers tell me how hard it’s going to be and how I’m going to have to make a lot of “sacrifices” as far as money goes. I really do hate those comments. I don’t see them as words of advice or friendly warnings. I see them as discouraging. In one ear and out the other.

I have sought Godly wisdom from many mothers that have been in my shoes and e v e r y   s i n g l e one of them has said to me, “You won’t regret it.” 

I realize that at times money will be tight. I’m not stupid. Thankfully, the Lord has already prepared me for that in multiple ways. 
1. I was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Frugal. 
2. We’ve kinda sorta taken the Dave Ramsey approach to spending. 
3.  My income has decreased drastically from my first year of teaching to my fourth.
4.  I was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Frugal.
5.   Since February we’ve been living off a private school teacher’s salary and trusting God to provide the rest. He has. And will continue to do so. 
6. Did I mention who raised me? Ha!
So any change in lifestyle has already kinda happened…like planning to eat pancakes or fried egg sandwiches once a week. Those are pretty much like free meals because I always have Bisquick, eggs, bread, and cheese. 
I was reading this blog post and saw the following comment that pierced my heart: 

“So many people talk about the sacrifice that it takes to stay at home but I would like to mention the huge sacrifice that it takes to work outside the home. The sacrifice on our children’s lives.” 

Being at home makes me a better wife and mother (and just a more pleasant person in general) because I am able to focus on the one thing I’ve always wanted to do. Making a home. The way I feel is similar to how I think a missionary feels when he/she finally gets on the mission field. Pure joy knowing that I am absolutely fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. Pure joy because He placed this desire in my heart way back when and He has allowed it to finally happen. I am on my mission field and it is full of joy, not sacrifices. Please understand that joy is much different from happiness. To say that I have joy does not imply that our days at home are just splendid and hunky dory and we skip everywhere while holding hands and everything goes just like planned and nobody has fits. I can have joy in the midst of all my days at home, no matter how the day goes, because my joy is not in the circumstance but in the One who is always the same. I’m in this for the long haul, the good, the bad, the messy, the hilarious, the ugly , the frustrating, the memorable, the worrisome, the exciting, the every-single-thing-that-motherhood-has-to-offer because it’s my mission field and it’s what brings Him glory. 

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. 
Psalm 37:4

One thought on “My Mission Field

  • The greatest joy of my life since Chandler was born was staying home with him for a year and a half! I hated returning to work, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I am praying that this works out for you guys and that it goes as easily as it can and always know that He is there and is on your side!!! Good luck and have fun!!! Misty

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