Top Ten for Father’s Day

Top ten reasons why I love my father (in no particular order): 
1.  He has never put his career above his family. 
2.  He makes the best chocolate milkshakes.
3.  He follows and trusts the Lord wholeheartedly.
4.  He is the most musically talented person I know.
5.  He is selfless.
6.  He taught me my purpose in life: to know God and make Him known. 
7.  He was/is involved in my life. 
8.  He is my hero and I’ll always be his little girl. 
9.  He has had the greatest influence on my knowledge of God and a Biblical worldview. 
10.  He loves my mom as Christ loves the church.

7th Grade skating at Delta Flight (Dnow weekend at Philly). Gap Anorak anyone? THE jacket to have!
Before my 8th grade banquet with those awful teeth. Surprisingly he never really embarrassed me in my adolescent years. 
We’re all crazy

My fav pic together…dancing and singing to “My Girl” on my wedding day. 
Top ten reasons why I love Lily’s daddy (in no particular order):
1. He is patient.
2. He is selfless.
3. He puts God first so that he can be the husband and father that God desires. 
4. He loves spending time with Lily.
5.  He is slow to anger.
6.  He is forgiving and loves unconditionally.
7.  He is a fun father and finds laughter in every situation. 
8.  He doesn’t worry.
9.  He willingly and joyfully helps with whatever Lily or I need.
10. He leads our home spiritually and wants to see our children know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

I can’t forget to mention my other fathers!

The man that raised my husband, my father-in-law. He is a hard worker, loves his family, and fears the Lord. He is a fun-loving grandfather and Lily absolutely loves being with him. I knew him before Brent and I became an item and I honestly used to be jealous of the girl that would one day be Brent’s wife and Mike’s daughter-in-law (because in middle school I had a HUGE crush on Brent). He is such a family man and I’ve always liked that about him. Thankfully, Psalm 37:4 is true and I don’t have to be jealous of that girl because it’s me 🙂

Pop…my mom’s dad. He is a hard-working selfless man. His lays down his life for his family. He finds joy in providing for and taking care of others. He loves the Lord and has a servant’s heart. I am so thankful that Lily has had the blessing of knowing him. She adores him.

Pop Pop…my dad’s dad. He went to meet Jesus on April 18, 2007, a little over a month before my wedding day. Lily is named after his mother, Lillian. What a great man he was! Like all the other men I’ve mentioned, he was also a hard worker. He was an inventor and loved to fish. He LOVED my grandmother. He called me “shug” and I can still hear him kissing me on the cheek saying, “Love you shug.” He had a great sense of humor. I know without a doubt that he would have fallen head over heels for Lily the moment he met her. And likewise with Lily. I miss him greatly, but I am so thankful for the investment he made in my life and the memories I have of him. I will see him again and I look forward to that day!

The Lord has blessed me with wonderful fathers in my life. I know that I don’t deserve the Lord’s goodness to me, but I am humbled and thankful that He placed men in my life that seek the Lord and follow His ways. Happy Father’s Day!!!

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