Lily Lately

Just when I think you can’t get any funnier, you do! You CRACK us up! You are becoming more and more like a little girl and less and less like a baby girl 😦

Some things you’ve been doing lately:

Your first sentence– “I like it”. You say it correctly and, no surprise, you say it when you like something. You say it most frequently when we are out shopping.

Your second sentence–“I wannee” which means “I love you”. Of all the things we have said to you and you have repeated back, it sure did take you a long almost 19 months to start repeating this phrase. I’m pretty sure we say this to you 134,967,890 times a day and I don’t know why it took you so long to return the love 🙂

When we are standing in the kitchen cooking, you wrap your arms around our leg and say “hug”.

“Righteer” which means “right here”. You say this when we get in the car and you want Mommy, the dog, or one of your stuffed animals to sit beside you. You say this when we give you your medicine while you sit on the rug that Sanibel sits on when she has to go outside. You say this when we are watching DVD’s and you want to sit in our laps. You begin about a foot away and back your little booty into our laps.

You are saying please and thank you, many times without being told.

We love to watch you play pretend. Mommy and Daddy joke that you have more responsibility than we do…we only have to care for us, you, and the dog. You have to care for Sanibel, Puppy, Aubie, Ladybug, Elmo, Bear, and your baby doll. Must be a tough job! You walk them in your stroller (walker) or you turn the kitchen stool upside down and scoot them around on the floor. You change their diapers. You put lotion (“fafa”) on them. Every time you eat, they eat. And you cry for them when you are eating like they are going to starve if you don’t feed them. You tell them “Puppy eat”, “Aubie eat”.  You put them “night night” by laying them on your shoulder, hugging them, or rocking then you scream “Wake Up!” You don’t treat Sanibel like you do the stuffed animals. You probably would if she would let you. But you do get pieces of her food out of her bowl and chase her around the house, saying “Bubba eat”. And if Sanibel won’t eat it, you feed it to your stuffed animals. 

You call Sanibel and ladybug “Bubba”. It gets a little confusing for Mommy, Daddy, and poor Sanibel. 

We took you to Chattanooga July 3-4. We went with the Vail’s. Logan is 4 months younger than you. Neither one of you really interacted with each other, but then again, both of you were strapped in your stroller for much of the trip. We visited the aquarium, zoo, had BBQ at Sugar’s, and frozen yogurt at Top It Off. Your favorites from the trip: monkeys, penguins, jaguars, and playing with the phone at the hotel. It had a cord (which I don’t think you’ve ever seen before), so you would walk as far as you could until the cord was stretched and popped out of your hand. You did not like the spiders, racoons, coyotes, and peacocks. 

You are not eating well at all. I can’t tell you the last time you sat down and ate more than 5 bites of something.  Dr. B said that you will eat when you are hungry, to keep putting the right foods in front of you,  and to give you a multivitamin on the days you don’t eat well. 

You get overly excited about clothes and/or laundry…clean, dirty, too big, not purchased…any type of clothing item that is near you, it’s reason to smile, giggle, jibber jabber and go on and on and on about “toz”. You attempt to dress yourself. You can successfully put one shirt on each leg and underwear on your head. Your favorite clothing item is Mommy’s Winnie the Pooh pj shorts that she bought in 5th grade from Walmart! We are NOT taking them with us to see the Winnie the Pooh movie later this month. 

Side Note: You are probably wondering why I have pj shorts from 5th grade. They’ve been washed so many times that they have that falling apart, thin, cotton comfort. Which is also the reason I still have my Power Puff Girls pj pants from 9th grade. Too comfortable to throw away. Did I plan on sharing that with the world? Not really. But I gotta keep it real. 

Your Daddy has taught you to raise your hand and say “me” when we ask you questions like, “Who loves Daddy?” “Who loves Mommy?” “Who loves Sanibel?” 

Thankfully, you aren’t saying no as much as you have been. You were saying it 2,482 times a day and now you only say it 2,481 times a day. Your new word is “yes” 🙂 We like that word around here! Remember how I said you had a very deliberate nod? You have a very deliberate and clear “yes”. Very serious and absolutely hilarious! 

Alright, enough talk. Here are some pics. 

 Just a stroll through the backyard with Aubie and Bubba

 Being silly with Mommy

 Pop pulling you in your “wabo”

 You LOVE to sweep and Mommy LOVES that!

 The view from our hotel room. Nice huh? 
This is actually inside the aquarium.

 Checking out the fish with Daddy

You and Logan

 A pitiful attempt to get a good pic of the two of you. As soon as I took it, both of you were squirming to get out of the chair. 

 You and Mommy through the jellyfish tank. 

 We looked at the glass art a little longer than desired. You were intrigued by them and screamed when we finally walked away. 

 Kissing your souvenir from the aquarium–a pink penguin. You call her “P”. 

 Let’s see how far I can get with this cord. 

 Super Duper excited about the “montees”. You kept saying, “ooo ooo eee eee”.

 Family pic in front of some type of lizard

 Walking through the zoo

 You really enjoyed it 

 At the petting zoo…

 …trying to convince you that this is Bubba, just a different color.

 The jaguars got very close to you and Logan! You were scared at first…

 …but you really liked them in the end. 

 Riding the merry go round. We were the only ones on it. It was inside and the music could probably be heard through the whole zoo. If you didn’t have problems with your ears before, you do now. 

 Mommy built a fort in the bedroom! 

 It’s tough work being in a fort all morning. 

 By far the best use of an old quilt

 “Lily, lay down and take a picture with me”

 “I didn’t say pinch my face, I said get beside my face.” 

 I give up 

 My Pooh shorts…whoever said Walmart didn’t make quality clothing doesn’t know what they are talking about. 

 Pooh on your head

 Pushing the other Bubba around in the kitchen stool
Snuggling with Mommy before bedtime

2 thoughts on “Lily Lately

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who still has comfy clothes from back in the 90s. I love my capri workout pants (I don't workout, I just lay around) from 8th grade. Probably my favorite piece of clothing I own.

    Lily is growing up so quickly. She and Eli must meet before kindergarten. : )

  • Fun post- you forgot to mention that she is a big fan of bacon 🙂
    Emily Ann has the little brown flowery outfit that Lily is wearing in the aquarium picture… it's too bad it won't fit them both at the same time, it would be an awesome picture!
    Love you!!

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