Dessert without chocolate?

Yet again, our dessert night will not be this Sunday because we won’t be here. So tonight we, yes all three of us, made Strawberry Cream Puff Cake. I think it’s almost a sin to have a dessert that does not include chocolate as an ingredient. But I’m married to someone who thinks that there is life outside of chocolate and prefers it that way. I would be happy with Duncan Hines brownies for dessert. No ice cream. Just a brownie, or two 🙂 I can’t always make desserts that only I like, because only I eat it, and only I get fat. So I have to balance the chocolate desserts with desserts that I’ll enjoy the day I make it, but never put in my mouth again as long as it sits in my kitchen.

My adorable little helper 

Don’t get me wrong…this dessert was good. I just never ever crave dessert that involves anything cold or fruity…yes, that means I don’t care for ice cream. But I will eat it. My favorite part about this dessert was the strawberries (because I LOVE strawberries) and the cake. The cake had a really smooth, moist texture that would be perfect with some sort of chocolate mousse. Of course, I was thinking of ways to turn this dessert into something chocolaty. I will be making it again because Brent and Lily loved it! But, I think I will leave out the orange zest. Too much citrus for me.

 I need a spring form pan. I don’t have one. Thankfully, Brent has Alton Brown from Food Network on speed dial, so we called him 🙂 This was his solution. 
 Lily watching Daddy zest the orange. She had that Auburn shirt on from the time she woke up from her nap until she went to bed. It didn’t matter how many times she tripped on it or how many times she got frustrated because she couldn’t find her arms, she wasn’t taking it off. 
 Sharing the cream cheese mixture with Daddy
Tasting it for herself
 Hanging out in the kitchen, waiting for the cake to cool
 The VERY puffy cake. I was a little concerned when I first took it out of the oven…
  …but it turned out just fine!
Now, go make it for all your non-chocolate dessert lovers. 

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