Lily Lately

We have a big weekend coming up that will probably result in a lot of pictures, so I’m doing this post now with the most recent pics to keep from having a REALLY long post later.

In nearly 3 months we will be celebrating Lily’s 2nd birthday. It blows my mind that we have a toddler running around our house.

With Lily’s increasing vocabulary, she can pretty much say anything and it’s HILARIOUS! I love that she is able to communicate so well. I’m sure it eliminates a lot of frustration that toddlers feel when they can’t communicate what they need/want.

One night last week I was cleaning up the kitchen and I noticed Lily was walking on the couch. I walked into the den to tell her to sit down and before I could get any words out she said, “Sit down, Lily. Be careful, Lily. Brush your teeth, Lily.” Not sure why she said brush your teeth…I guess she was just running through the commands we give her. She didn’t need me to tell her anything, she had it under control and was reminding herself to be cautious.

Lily’s favorite activity is driving the van. Whenever we are on our way home from somewhere, she asks the whole way home if she can drive. And boy does it get her excited!!! I love it because our garage is right off the kitchen so she can “drive” while I cook dinner/put groceries away. It keeps her occupied for a while. The best part is when I get back in the car, crank it, and find the windshield wipers on full blast, emergency blinkers on, windows locked, mirrors moved, etc. Whenever you ask her where she is going, it’s always to “Daddy’s office.”

She LOVES to say the blessing at dinner. She asks to hold Daddy’s hand and then bows her head, eyes open though ūüôā Her blessing (and any other time we pray) goes like this…”Dear God, Amen”. Usually we say things in between Dear God and Amen, but she knows how to start and end a prayer!

She also says “amen” at the end of reading a book!

One of our most memorable conversations:
Me: Lily who made you?
Lily: God
Me: Who made everything else?
Lily: God [and without skipping  beat] God made Mickey Mouse.

The biggest difference we’ve seen in Lily since she had tubes: her appetite. She was never one of those babies that didn’t sleep when her hears were bothering her and she’s always been a talker, but she ate nothing when she was sick. She’s always enjoyed healthy foods, now she consistently eats every meal. Before tubes, it was hit or miss when she would eat. Now she’ll eat anything at anytime. Some of her favorites: Veggie Tale snacks, carrots, cantaloupe, cereal bars, green beans, grapes, squash, squeeze applesauce.

Biggest News: Lily finally has a name for “Nana No Name”! The one who didn’t want to be called anything that started with an “g” “m” or “n” has been named “Nana” by Lily. Sorry mom, should have thought of something before now ūüôā

 You and your beloved blue toboggan that you stole from Uncle Ben
¬† Your first ponytail!!! It didn’t stay in very long ūüė¶
 Excited to go pick up Daddy at the airport after he spent a week in Michigan!
¬†Watching Daddy’s airplane pull up to the terminal with another little girl that was also waiting for her daddy.¬†
¬†He’s home!
¬†You are such a little mommy…giving Monkey a bath and changing his diaper.¬†
¬†Wearing Daddy’s shoes. Mommy thinks you look like Aunt Katie in this pic.¬†
¬†You’ll play dress up with anything…even a swim diaper.¬†
¬†Love this picture! These are all people who work with the youth at church. From left: Becca with Cooper, Christie with Logan, Lily and me, Katie with Widget (dog), and Kayla with Kayson up top. Britney and Davis didn’t make it in this pic. I have no idea what we are laughing at!¬†
¬†Britney and Davis made it in this pic. It’s nearly impossible to get a good pic with a bunch of children. I’d say this is as good as it will ever get.¬†
¬†Making coffee in the bathtub. Cup filled with water and the washcloth is the filter. I guess you’ve watched your parents make coffee a few times, ha! Smart girl!
¬†Mommy finally got you some chalk so you can write on your furniture. We had a brief but serious discussion that the chalk is ONLY for the black part of your furniture. So far, you’ve obeyed the rules.¬†
¬†“Driving” to Daddy’s office
 Cooking dinner 
¬†I hate that this pic is blurry but it’s too cute to not post. You had spaghetti all over you!
¬†Orange cheeks ūüôā
Do I have something on my chin?

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