Lily’s First ER Trip

Most of you probably saw this on Facebook already, but I want to post it here so I won’t forget. I don’t keep a baby book so this blog serves the same purpose.

Lily began getting sick on Thursday afternoon. She sounded a little congested in her chest and had a runny nose. Thursday night and all day Friday she hardly ate a thing. She started to cough and every inhale and exhale sounded raspy. Before she had tubes, going to the doctor was never in question. All colds became an infection in her ear and that had to be fixed. Now that she has tubes, we aren’t as quick to get her to the doctor. I decided to wait through the weekend and take her on Monday if needed. If nothing else, we could just take her to urgent care on Saturday.

Friday night her cough was getting worse and she was irritable, so we put her to bed early with a humidifier in her room. At 12:15am she woke us up coughing and saying “ow” everytime she exhaled. She was seriously struggling to breathe, her chest caved in whenever she exhaled, her heart was racing, and she was shaking. Scared this momma to death! I brought her into our room to lay down with Brent while I frantically looked for the thermometer, some medicine, and fixed her some water. I debated calling 911 because I really thought it was that bad, maybe it was, I don’t know. But after I checked her temperature and gave her some Tylenol to bring her fever down, she was a little calmer, but still not breathing well. I called my parents and woke them up. Thankfully they were awaiting a call from my brother who was headed to Florida for the Alabama game, so the phone call wasn’t too shocking. My mom suggested we go on to the hospital.

The drive to the hospital is a good 20-30 minutes away. Thankfully the same hospital is building a new campus closer to our house that is opening in March. Yay! Anyway, we entered the pediatric ER fully expecting to see a waiting room full of “weirdos” as Brent called them. However, we were the only ones in there! When does that ever happen? We were only at the ER for a total of 40 minutes. The doc diagnosed her with the croup and she got a good dose of some steroids. We headed home and were back in the bed a little after 2, so this whole episode only lasted 2 hours. I’d say that’s pretty good!

Lily woke up at 8 this morning. She sounds much better, but she isn’t feeling much better 😦 She was asleep more than she was awake today. It’s like we have a newborn in the house again.

The hospital is giving away DVDs…not sure why…and they gave us “Air Buddies”, “High School Musical 2”, and “Jonas Brothers”. WONDERFUL, huh? 🙂 The few moments that Lily wasn’t asleep today, we watched “Air Buddies”. She loves dogs, so this movie is perfect for her. She doesn’t know about the other two…yet. I’m sure some time in our near future those movies will find a way into our DVD player. Lily will probably love them because she loves music.

I hate seeing her so sick and being so miserable. However, I do like all the snuggle time we get with her when she is sick. She won’t do that any other time, so we are enjoying that while it lasts. More importantly, we just want her to get back to being her silly self.

There are many other things that could be wrong and we thank God that it’s just the croup.

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