Lily Lately

Sweet girl, you are such a joy and blessing! You are a spunky little toddler that loves to play hard! You keep your mommy and daddy running around like crazy, but it’s fun! It’s hard to believe you will be two in less than two months! At the same time, though, we feel like you’ve been two for a while now since you are Miss Independent and can talk so well.

Favorite snack: “montee nacks” or “nana nacks” aka fruit snacks in the shape of Curious George or Veggie Tales
Favorite show/movie: Air Buddies, Dora, MM Clubhouse, Curious George, Thomas the Tank Engine, and anything with Elmo, cars, planes, or animals
Favorite color: You finally realize that yellow is not the only color. You can name green, purple, and orange as well.
Favorite song: ABC’s, Amazing Grace, Our God, Itsy Bitsy Spider
Favorite book: Knuffle Bunny, Ten Tiny Tadpoles, and the Bible
Favorite activity: making a fort in the den, running around in the backyard, “drive fo a minit” aka playing in the car while it is parked in the garage, helping Mommy in the kitchen, going down the slide at the park
Favorite store: Target
Friends: Logan, Davis, Dusti Jo, Emma, and Samuel

  • You are learning your shapes and can pick out a circle, square, and octagon (thanks to a puzzle given to you by one of Mommy’s students last year). 
  • You can put your shoes on by yourself, assuming the straps are already loosened. 
  • You talk in complete sentences, have been for a while actually.
  • You forget NOTHING, seriously. I might casually say something once and a few days later you will repeat what I just said and follow it with “memember?” Your memory is impeccable. 
  • You love when Daddy comes home from work and you love to go visit him at work. 
  • You are asking what everything says and who everyone is. Many times we make up answers because we have no clue what a grape says, what a pumpkin says, or who the man is in the parking lot at the grocery store. The words “I don’t know” don’t suffice for an answer. 
  • You love going to the “bibeddy” (library) for storytime. We go every week and check out books after storytime. 
  • You love all things music. If anyone is ever a fly on the wall at our house, they would frequently see the whole family twirling in your bedroom or singing the ABC’s or Itsy Bitsy Spider in unison. You even try to get Sanibel in on the action. 
  • You love to pray for others 
  • You survived the croup and all 3 of us survived the stomach bug. Mommy survived it twice!
 You and Daddy at the Pumpkin Patch. Mommy’s camera died shortly after this. Thankfully, Tbone had his camera and took plenty of pics. 
 Just chillin’ with my shades on
 Breakfast with Puppy
 You LOVE stickers!!!
 Taking Aubie for a walk in the backyard 
 Thankful for a big, fenced in backyard so you can roam and play as much as you want.
 You take such good care of your babies. This is Aunt Katie’s baby doll from when she was younger. 
 Such a mess! Those old Winnie the Pooh shorts around your head, sunglasses on, twisted pants, hair falling down…
 Blowing bubbles!
I love the smile on your face!
 When Daddy gets home you greet him at the door and beg for a walk outside or to go look at the moon.
 Silly face #1
 Silly face #2
 This is a typical fort in our house. You usually sit on it or slide down it from the couch. 
Your first Halloween party: Daddy dressed as Andy John (youth pastor, they look alike), Mommy as a Twitter hash tag, and you as the cutest chef ever!
You and “Lissy” (Linsey). Ever since she hurt her back and has to wear a brace, you’ve been apprehensive around her. You must be scared of the brace 😦 But you ask to pray for her and Mitchell all the time!

 Absolutely love this picture of you and Daddy! This is just before he took you on a date to get a free GiGi’s cupcake on Halloween!

 Daddy’s trick or treat cupcake and Lily’s creepy crawly cupcake

 Enjoying the sugar!!!

 Jessica surprised you on Halloween night!

So did “Kenna” (McKenna)! Jessica and McKenna are two girls that were Mommy’s SS class. You were crazy that night…so sugared up! It was hilarious! McKenna taught you to say, “I love sugar!” and you said it over and over again. Fun times!

We love you Lily Boo!!!

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