My Best Friend’s Wedding

I am so behind on blogging. 

On November 19th, my best friend Allison got married to Bryan! Allison was my maid of honor and I was her matron of honor. The wedding was perfect and absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures from the actual wedding, but I have plenty from the wedding weekend.

Allison and I met on the very first day of classes our freshman year at Auburn in Professor Blaufarb’s class. You never really think about who you are sitting next to in an auditorium of about 250 people. Actually, if you can avoid sitting next to someone you don’t know, you probably would rather sit alone. At least I would. But that first day of class back in August 2003 Allison and I happened to sit next to each other. I still remember that day. We exchanged the typical “get to know you” information and that was that. Then we saw each other at church and attended the same weekly Bible study. From there, Allison and I were roommates for three years. We played on the same intramural softball team (by “played” I mean we dodged the balls in the outfield), watched every single episode of Gilmore Girls, cooked many many meals, pretended to enjoy running stadiums at the coliseum, had most of our classes together, laughed hysterically, went on road trips, and made enough memories to last a lifetime. 

 Allison and I getting a pre-wedding mani/pedi!
All but two of the bridesmaids just before the bridesmaids luncheon. From left: Terri Leigh, Sarah, me, Kristen, Allison

Ha! We just received our bridesmaids gifts. Terri Leigh is super excited about her scarf and who knows what I’m doing/saying?!

All of the bridesmaids and sister-in-law: Grace, Terri Leigh, Kate, Callie Jo, Allison, Sarah, Kristen, me

Allison and I at the rehearsal dinner…I’m so relieved to have my speech behind me. Whew! I’ve been fretting about that since they got engaged! 

Terri Leigh and me

Kristen and me…Kristen is Allison’s sister/maid of honor

Auburn friends: Terri Leigh, Jessica, Allison, me. Jessica just told us she is prego and this is us after we calmed down from the excitement. She has a pic of our reactions before we calmed down. Priceless! 

We got ready at Allison’s aunt’s house. She has a huge master bath and all of us did hair and make up in the bathroom together. 

Allison’s mom (who is SO talented) sewed this to the inside of the wedding dress. 

The dress 🙂

Allison’s mom and sister buttoning the dress

Being sassy just before she saw Bryan for the first time
Of course, the wedding wouldn’t be complete without a dance reception including Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and Hanson’s “MMMBop”. I have no pictures from the reception 😦 
The wedding was beautiful and so much fun! Congratulations Allison and Bryan! 

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