Lily Lately

This is the last “Lily Lately” before she turns TWO! Can not believe it! And it’s going to be a short one (if I can possibly do that) because she should be waking up from her nap soon.

Biggest Challenge: You’ve always been Miss Independent, but it is really starting to show. You say constantly, “Do it by self” with any activity. Many times we can convince you that you can not do it by yourself and sometimes you can and we are patient with you. However, you INSIST on getting dressed “by self”, which is something you can’t quite do yet and that, my dear child, is our biggest challenge right now. It can be bad enough to ruin the entire morning.

You love to: dance, play Mommy with your stuffed animals–it’s so sweet to hear you talk to and care for them like I talk to and care for you, sing, play in your room with your door closed–you think you are such a big girl, watch Dora, look at pics/videos of yourself, cook with Mommy and Daddy, read your books, listen and dance to MMMBop, make a fort on the couch, watch planes from the backyard, lather on lotion and chapstick like there’s no tomorrow, play in your bed

You can: TEE TEE IN THE POTTY!!! although you aren’t interested in doing it all the time yet, call people from Mommy’s phone, play “Doodle Jump” on Mommy’s phone, count to 6, your vocabulary and memory amaze us everyday–you are way smarter than you should be at this age! Sometimes I forget that you aren’t two yet!

Our favorite: When you ask for a “Mommy Daddy Kiss” and we both kiss you on your cheeks

Favorite Foods: meat, fruit snacks, oatmeal, green beans, carrots, cheese, lettuce (yes, you like to eat plain ol’ lettuce), apples/peanut butter, bananas, goldfish, anything chocolate (just like Mommy). You call noodles, carrots, broccoli, and various other foods “army men” and we play a game to get you to eat your army men. Whatever works, right?

We went to Gatlinburg for Thanksgiving with the VKs this year. This is after dinner at the Old Mill Cafe.

Playing with Mommy’s chapstick

Eating a banana in Grandma Ruby’s lap

Love this pic of you. You went up and down the stairs at the cabin 3,876,409,175 times…which meant an adult did the same

Playing the game of Bubbles at the cabin

The family minus Papaw who is taking the pic

Reading a book with Papaw on the porch. You loved this porch. The weather was perfect in Gburg and any time not spent on the stairs was spent on the porch. 

Riding the airtram to Ober Gatlinburg. You weren’t scared of it, just didn’t overly enjoy it. You fell asleep in my arms on the way back down and while my arm nearly fell off, it was so sweet 🙂 

On the carousel just before you freaked out

Riding on the train all by yourself. Such a big girl! Adults couldn’t ride and we weren’t sure if you would enjoy it. You tolerated the first ride with no cries or smiles, just a look of “Uhh…what is going on?” The second ride I had to ask the guy to stop the train so I could get you off. 

While Daddy and Uncle Ryan went down the Alpine Slide, you pretended to ride on this thing-a-ma-jig. 

At a breakfast show, interacting with the guy on stage who was trying to get the audience to sing and clap along to a song. 

You decorated a sugar cookie with Aunt Katie at the Christmas Shoppe

Then you wrote a letter to Santa

Then you turned red in the face and screamed when we put you in Santa’s lap

On the NINE hour drive home (that should have only lasted 4) you got bored and covered yourself with stickers. You were such a good girl in the car. Thankfully, we had Aunt Katie with us to entertain you in the back!

We went to Galaxy of Lights back at home…an annual Christmas tradition for us. This is you playing with fake snow. You loved it!

The only picture we got together at Galaxy of Lights before the camera died. 😦 
Lily Boo we love you!!! Can’t wait to celebrate your second year! 

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