Lily’s First Wedding

This past Saturday, December 10, a friend of my family got married in Huntsville. We didn’t have a sitter…

hold up, we had a sitter, Kayla, but I told her a few weeks ago that we didn’t need her because I didn’t know if we (with all of our craziness) would be in town for the wedding. 
We were in town so we decided to just take Lily with us. The wedding was at 4 and we had to wake her up from a nap to get there in time. I was a little worried about her being in a terrible mood, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. We walked in just before the seating of the grandparents…3:59. Because Lily was still sleepy, she was very good while the wedding party walked down the aisle. She enjoyed the music which helped to drown out her whispering. We discussed on the way to the wedding that we have to whisper during the ceremony. She seemed to understand and I was so proud of her! Then the music stopped and the father of the bride gave his daughter away…
“Ok, Lily. Mommy will get you some fruit snacks. Remember we have to whisper at weddings.” 
And I quickly begin looking for those fruit snacks. It would be now that I have trouble with the zipper and have to remove everything from her bag before I can find the fruit snacks. 
I find the fruit snacks and…
I grab her and we quickly escape the sanctuary. 
We walked around for not even 10 minutes and the ceremony was over. Thankful for a short wedding since I was quietly entertaining a toddler in the hallway. 
Then we headed over to the reception.
Lily was thrilled to see there were lights, music, and a dance floor. 

Finally, I have someone who will dance with me at weddings!!! 

Doing what she does best…the girl loves to dance!

Kristen, me, and Lily. Kristen is a sister of the groom. She is one of my best friends since 5th grade; we went to high school and church together. She lives in SC now and I miss her!!! 
I guess if Lily were to get married now she’d want two things: fruit snacks and a DJ.

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