How Great is Our God

I feel like Christmas was decades ago. I’m so scatter-brained right now as far as blogging goes that I’m completely overwhelmed and can’t begin to write the details of all that has happened since Christmas. Nothing life changing or anything…don’t think I’m about to tell you some big news because I’m not, especially in this post. After Christmas we celebrated Lily’s 2nd birthday, then traveled back to Huntsville to get some packing done and spend NYE with friends, I went to ATL for Passion 2012, and now we are sitting quietly at my grandmother’s house for our first night in our more permanent temporary living situation (if that makes any sense to you). Hopefully sometime within the next week or so I’ll update you on a few things: Christmas, Lily’s bday party, Passion, and the job hunt (which I will tell you is OVER!). The details will have to wait. Until then, here is a clip from one of the most amazing moments at Passion. I cried huge tears in awe of how great our God truly is. Absolutely loved hearing this song sung in different languages and wanted to bring every single one of the precious Ugandan children home with me. It just gives me chills to watch it again! It’s long but worth every.single.second. And after this was sung, #HowGreatIsOurGod was the #1 worldwide trend on Twitter!!!

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