Where’s the Velveeta? And why I miss Kroger…

I think it’s common for people to dislike change in their lives. I look forward to change, which is why I have enjoyed our move so much because things are unpredictable.

However, there is one area of my life that I wish could stay the same. Grocery shopping. I just spent too much time and too much money in a grocery store that I’ve never liked and knew I shouldn’t have shopped there the moment I pulled into the parking lot. 
I haven’t grocery shopped/cooked in almost a month. I miss it. I’m a dork and I really love planning and preparing meals for my family. So I was pumped about finally getting to do it again. I am the opposite of an extreme couponer. I collect coupons, organize them, and pretend to know what I am doing with them. I don’t save as much as I would like to, but my sub par strategy does save me some money. Needless to say, we’ve been all over the place since Dec. 12th so I have really neglected couponing. I had none to use today when I headed to the store, so I should have known the frustration would come when I spent more than I am comfortable with. The reason it frustrates me is I know if I had bought the same items even without coupons at my favorite store, I would have spent much less. 
Can I just say, I MISS KROGER!!! Why are there no Kroger supermarkets here??? At least I have Publix…
To add to my reasons to never shop at this particular store again, I couldn’t find the Velveeta and the bag lady had an awkward conversation with me about Lily.
BL: “She’s cute. Are you going to have anymore kids?”
Me: “Yes, but I’m not sure when.”
BL: “So she’s your oldest.”
Me: “No, she’s the only child.”
BL: “So, she’s your oldest.” 
Me: “I guess so.” 
And what I wanted to say was, “If you want to look at it that way, she’s also my youngest. But, you can’t be the oldest or youngest to no one.” 
Here’s to a better shopping experience next time and getting the coupons out of Sunday’s newspaper! 
Thanks for pretending just for a moment that what I have to say is important. I promise my next post will have much more significance and I’ll be in a better mood. 

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