Our Move Part 2

It’s been one month and one day since we moved back home, so I guess it’s time I give another update to our crazy situation. Since I last wrote about our move (read it here) this is what has happened:

We had a wonderful going away party by the youth at our church on Dec. 11 (that I still haven’t posted pics of yet…sorry!). The day after we packed up some clothes as if we were going to spend the week away. We stayed at my parents house as Brent began the job search. At this point, we didn’t know if we had officially moved or not. You’re probably thinking, “Was it really that hard to figure out?” Yes, it was. We weren’t sure what the Lord was doing, our house wasn’t rented, and all three of us were crammed into my brother’s room at my parents house. We were confused and crazy, but taking things one day at a time.We had plans to meet with the management company on Friday of that same week to go ahead with the rental process. Prior to the meeting, though, Brent, with the counsel of his grandfather who has a rental property, decided he wanted to try to rent the house ourselves first before we payed a management company to do so. We cancelled the meeting, but still went back to our house to take pictures and load up the rest of our winter clothes.

We returned that same day to my parents house and squeezed more of our stuff into my brother’s room. It’s not a small room, but when you add a pack n play and winter clothes for three people, you feel like you are living in a closet. And, oh, was my OCD-everything-needs-a-place self having a fit! At this point, it was a little more clear that we had moved. We listed our house in three different places and immediately received phone calls and emails. We were very encouraged that even though the management company told us it was a slow season for renting there was still some immediate interest in our home.

So, back to the job search. Brent scheduled an interview at a bank less than 10 days after he began searching. WOW! However, we weren’t too excited about it because the salary was less than what we needed if I was going to stay at home with Lily. He went anyway because it was an interview, and well, interviews lead to jobs, and jobs lead to being able to put food on the table. He was offered the job a few days later and, again, we weren’t too excited, but he accepted the job. The job didn’t start until Jan 11th (and this was the week before Christmas) so he would just continue to look for something else.

In the meantime, Christmas, Lily’s birthday, and New Year’s came and went. In the midst of all this, Brent and I began to have a peace about this job he accepted, knowing I would have to work again. This may be a stretch, but I don’t believe things are just a coincidence…between Brent accepting the job and starting the job, we heard two different pastors (David Nasser and Louie Giglio) use the banking profession as examples in their sermons. I have no clue anymore what the examples were and how in the world they related to the sermon, but it doesn’t matter. It was as if God was speaking directly to us, assuring us that this was the job He wanted Brent to have.

Are you sure God? Because that means I have to work. Don’t you remember what you called me to do this exact time last year??? To stay at home and raise Lily.

I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit’s quick work in my heart. It took me me less than 24 hours to give up my stubborn will and agree to find a job. I still believe God has called me to stay at home and raise Lily and our future children. I feel almost certain that He wants me to homeschool. I rest in the hope that working again is temporary and that He has purposes for me while I work. Again, I am so thankful to know Him and know that when He commands us to do something that we don’t quite understand or necessarily want to do, He at least gives us the assurance and peace that there is an underlying purpose to what He asks of us.

I actually started my new job before Brent did, which is just plain weird. The church we grew up in has a daycare and the job just fell into place perfectly. A teacher and a child Lily’s age left in December, leaving a need for a teacher and a space to be filled by a two year old child. Funny isn’t it how He just works it all out?As Lily calls it, we both go to “big school” everyday. Brent has also started the training for his job and will begin the actual job on Feb 6th.

We have been living with my sweet Granny Rosie for a week now. She has graciously opened her home and let us take over every room in her house. We are very grateful for my parents who let us crash at their house for 4 weeks and now we are very thankful to Granny Rosie who has let us move in with her until our house rents.

Please pray for Lily as she has had to learn to adjust to so many new things in the past month. Brent and I feel right at home because we are at home. On the other hand, we took Lily away from the only home she’s ever known and she is very aware of it. She is having a difficult time adjusting to daycare, though she has fantastic teachers, and it absolutely breaks my heart that I have to do this to her. Pray that I will remember that it’s temporary and trust that there is something the Lord wants to do in and through this situation, even if I never know what it is.

Sorry for the long and detailed post everyone, but be prepared for more this weekend! I’m WAY behind!

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