Super Exciting News

Brent got an email this morning from a guy interested in renting our house. He is from out of town and today is his last day to be in town. Brent called him and explained that he was in Bham and didn’t mind driving up to show him the house (because our friend that has been showing our house is on his way to the Philippines on a mission trip) but he wanted to be sure the guy was a serious candidate before he spent four hours in the car today. The trip was well worth it because….


God is so good! He works everything out perfectly according to His plan. We have been praying for a responsible person to rent our house and the Lord provided the perfect match. Our renter is in the same situation we are. He has been transferred to Huntsville, but can’t afford to sell his house. His house recently rented and now he needs a place to rent for himself. He has great and dependable employment and the fact that he is a landlord himself gives us the peace that he will take care of our house.

Umm, can you say EXCITED!!!??? What a relief!

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