Christmas 2011

Here’s a plethora of pics from Christmas. Because I’m so behind and these pics are pretty self-explanatory, don’t expect a lot of captions (which you probably appreciate).

*Update: I just told you a lie. I can’t possibly post pics with NO captions. Silly me 🙂

Making Christmas cookies with Grandma
 Church friends with matching outfits! 
Christmas Eve at the Milstead’s
All bundled up in her new winter jacket…I’m sure she’ll get a lot of use of it in the 60-70 degree weather we’re having around here. 

I’m the one that looks like an idiot because I’m NOT making a face. No one told me, but I should have known that with these three it wasn’t going to be a serious picture. 

Wearing her new light up pink cowgirl boots. She LOVES them! 

 A beautiful Christmas morning picture

Driving her new car! 

Cooking in her new kitchen…using LipSmacker chapstick spices 🙂 

Dressed for church to celebrate the birth of Jesus! We went to Christ City Church. Instead of communion crackers, we had petit fours and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. 

The mound of presents at Granny Rosie’s house. Not all for Lily! They were distributed among 12 people. 

But all of these are Lily’s. She’s the first grandchild/great grandchild so what do you expect?

Showing Choo Choo her new MagnaDoodle

Playing Uncle Ben’s new Fender guitar
That’s our Christmas 2011 in a nutshell of pictures. I said I would see you again this weekend, didn’t I? Honestly, I didn’t think I would ever get around to this so I’m glad it’s complete. Upcoming posts: Lily’s birthday party, another post about our move, and our new church! 
Until then…have a fabulous week! 

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