750 Feet

…that’s the distance from our apartment to Brent’s office.

Umm, could it be any more perfect? Actually, yes. 
We’ve been looking for a place to rent for a few weeks now. Looking for an apartment when you are single or married with no children is one thing. Looking for an apartment when you have a small child really narrows down your options to nearly nothing. Of all the ones we’ve looked at, there was only one place that we felt confident would be a wise place to move our family. And a hefty price came with it as well. So after dreaming of how cheery life would be if we moved there, we decided it wasn’t practical…unless it’s practical to never eat, in which case it’s completely practical! 🙂 
The hunt continued, spending more time on Craig’s List and various other websites than I care to. Last week I came across a listing on Craig’s List that had a catchy subject line, but no pictures. I NEVER look at listings without pictures. It’s just a waste of time. I was drawn to this one though. I read the details, though it didn’t give many, and immediately emailed the owner. We went back and forth for a few days and finally scheduled a viewing this past Saturday. 
My mom went with us, to keep Lily entertained while we asked questions. At least that was our plan. 
I was a little skeptical, with it being something from Craig’s List. You never know what you will run into these days. I even told my friend Jessica the names of the owners just in case we disappeared. Turns out it didn’t really matter because the owner had disguised herself as a married couple with made up names in order to protect herself. Ha! 
The owner was hesitant at first to allow us view the apartment because she has always rented to people she knows and she certainly doesn’t know us. Thankfully, my mom was with us and instead of taking care of Lily, God allowed her to be a part of a conversation that changed the way the owner felt about us. Apparently her youngest son is married to the sister of someone that used to go to our church. Crazy connection, but a connection nonetheless, that made the owner comfortable with us and has agreed to let us rent her apartment! 
Get this: 
1) Utilities are included in the rent;
2) Since we are moving out of our house in two weeks, but not moving into the apartment until mid-March, she is allowing us to move our furniture in early so we don’t have to move twice/pay for a storage unit. 
3) We said we wouldn’t pay more in rent than what our mortgage is, and the rent PLUS utilities is the exact amount, even better!
4) The apartment is almost the same size as our house, accomodating most of our furniture and has plenty of closet space. 
5) It’s a basement apartment so we are safe from the ‘naders! 🙂
Why do we ever worry that Romans 8:28 isn’t really a promise ALL the time? Through this whole crazy process, God knew right where Brent would be working, He knew that we would be living within walking distance from his office (not to mention just a few miles from where I work), He knew the price would be perfect and affordable, I could go on and on and on. It’s so amazing to me how He plans all the details. 
A reminder for me today: His ways are perfect! I’m so thankful that I’m able to blog about this so we can look back and remember just how good He is to us! ALL the time! 
This God–His way is perfect; 
the word of the Lord proves true; 
he is a shield for all those who take refuge in Him. 
2 Samuel 22:31

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