Lessons from an old t-shirt

The other night my parents kept Lily while Brent and I went to Bible study. After we picked her up and it was time to go home, I found myself leaving in a mad/irritated/hurry up mood because it was way past Lily’s bed time and I had a thousand things to do before I went to bed. I got impatient, grabbed Lily’s things, and went on to the car. My ever-so-patient husband who is a fantastic father took his time with Lily getting to the car. I would have picked her up, yelled “bye” to my parents, and quickly gotten into the car. Brent let her walk down the stairs and played “Bear Hunt” the whole way to the car, while I sat there even more annoyed that he just wouldn’t get a move on it and get her in the car seat.

Thankfully, the Lord gave me a little glimpse into the future, a mental picture that I never want to forget. It humbled me and reminded me to slow down and enjoy even the most irritating moments.

Lily put on one of my brother’s old t-shirts after her bath that night. The shirt, of course, dragged the ground. As Lily was being led by her loving and patient father down the steps at my parents house, I saw the back of the shirt dragging the ground. And it gave me a little hint of the train on a wedding dress.

Brent leading Lily down the stairs in a gown that is gracefully flowing behind her.

Her wedding.
Many years away, but they will be short years. Very short years.
And I’m already tearing up over it.

The days are long, but the years are short. She is my daughter forever, but one day she will become more than just my daughter. I want to savor the good, the bad, and the ugly.  May I become more patient like my Father and my husband so that I may find a way to cherish even the most frustrating moments. And thanks and praise be to God for giving me a husband that is more patient with me than I deserve!

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