I know most of you won’t care one bit about what you are about to read, but I have to write about this so I will remember it.

My grandparents were in town tonight and took us to dinner. Brent and I were in separate cars. On our way home Lily asked for my phone. She loves to randomly call people, look at pictures, take pictures, and play games. Whatever. I just don’t care anymore about the random phone calls and the damage she may do on Facebook or Twitter from my phone. So far it hasn’t been a problem.

After a few seconds of her playing with my phone, I ask her,

“Who are you calling Lily?”

“Daddy,” she replies.

She has memorized how to call a few people in my phone book: Brent, my parents, and my friend Amy. So I knew she really was calling Brent.

A few seconds later,

“Lily, what are you doing? Still talking to Daddy?” If she gives me a quick answer, then I know she is really doing what she says. If she hesitates, it’s usually because she’s re-tweeting someone random on Twitter or something else slightly embarrassing. I just like to know what I’m in for when I get my phone back, ya know?

She quickly replies, “I’m not talling to Daddy, I’m tecting Daddy.” [I’m not talking to Daddy, I’m texting Daddy.]

Oh ok, sure. Not really buying that.

We get home and I tell Brent what she said and how I think it’s funny that she knows the difference between a call and a text.

“She’s been blowing up my phone!” Brent says, “She called me once and she has sent me three text messages.”

My favorite text said “:) dd”. Kinda like “Smile Daddy”.

So, yeah, it’s funny that she knows the difference. That’s one thing. But it’s another thing that she can use both correctly and knows who she is calling/texting.

Blew my mind. Love her to pieces, that smart girl 🙂

One thought on “Lily-isms

  • We all love to hear what is going on with Lily. For the friends and family who do not get to see her very often it is our way to watch here grow and get to know her.
    Love ya,
    Uncle LaDaryl

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