Faith Like Lily

I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord, forever;
with my mouth I will make known your faithfulness to all generations.
Psalm 89:1

When Lily first started going to school (remember, I hate the compound word that starts with a “d”) she screamed everyday all day long. I think knowing I was also there just down the hall from her room made it worse. She didn’t understand why I couldn’t come to her rescue. We had daily conversations on the way to school about Jesus and how He is always with us, even everyday at school. Things very slowly got better and it became fun for Lily to say “Come on Jesus, let’s go to school” in the mornings. Now we are at the point where I can walk in her classroom, see her in the hallway or lunchroom and it’s no big deal.

Tonight after we put her to bed I was doing some laundry. She heard me open the door to the laundry room and it scared her. She started yelling for us. I explained that the noise she heard was just the door. I told her there was nothing to be scared of. Then we discussed how Jesus is with us even when Mommy and Daddy are not. When we are scared we can say, “Jesus, please help me to not be scared.” We practiced saying that a few times. Then she made a connection and it may be no biggie to you, but tears welled up in my eyes…

She remembered all those times she was scared to death to go school and that Jesus faithfully went with her while Mommy was down the hall taking care of babies. She recognized in her own Lily way that Jesus was there then and she survived, and He’s with her now and she will be okay.

Oh, how often I fail to remember God’s goodness to me in the past and it causes me to freak out when things get chaotic or scary.

Thank you Father for a reminder that even my two year old can look back on times when You have been her faithful protector and it brings her comfort and confidence that You will be faithful again.

And for the record, Lily thinks we watch episodes of Dora the Explorer after she goes to bed :). Love my little Lily!

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