Funny Thang ‘Bout Dem Hot Beef Samiches

Make sure you’ve read this post first! 

My mom was in Mentone for Mother’s Day this year visiting her mom. I got a text from my mom on Sunday afternoon (and if I had a iPhone I could just take a screen shot. Unfortunately, I have the world’s dumbest smart phone…):

Mom: We are having hot beef sandwiches for Mother’s Day! You inspired us. Just found out it is Birdie Momma’s recipe. We must feed it to Lily. Five generations of good eating. 

Me: No way! That’s hilarious!!! Please take some pics of the food and y’all eating it then send me the pics. I’ll do another post. 

So here’s another post on the hot beef sandwiches (HBS). Never thought those sandwiches would be worthy of a double post, but oh they are!

Apparently HBS are not just something my mom fixed when there was nothing else to eat. It’s a meal that her mom fixed because it was a meal that her mom fixed. Got it? Birdie Momma is my great-grandmother and the recipe (if you can even call it that, it’s so simple) is hers. And once I make it for Lily, five generations will have enjoyed the delicacy of HBS. I just have to strategically plan to make it on a night that Brent won’t be home for dinner because he has already made it very clear to me that he will not partake in HBS night at our house. Such a party pooper!

Look at the pride in her face at the slop she just mixed up in that pan! Haha! We call her “Mom” even though she’s my grandmother. This is Birdie Momma’s daughter. Looks like she has just the right amount of mayo and mustard…only a slight green hue. 
Here’s a close up. Just slather the mess on some good ol’ white bread. 
Pile it high on a plate
I see cheese…never had it with cheese. Hmm…
My cousin TH who stayed in Mentone just for these sandwiches. He had the option to leave earlier in the day until he heard what was on the menu for lunch. Thumbs up!
And brother Ben devouring the goodness of a HBS
Y’all I love my family! I can’t believe they actually ate that for Mother’s Day! But what dish is better than one that has been passed down through some amazing mothers?
Now, go try it for yourself if you dare :). 

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