Compassionate Lily

This is one of those posts that I like to call a “baby book” post. Most of you won’t care to read this, but I want to record it so I can always remember these sweet and precious moments in Lily’s life.

I think tonight was the first time Lily has ever seen me cry…a for real sobbing cry. Minus the first three weeks of her life when I was so sleep deprived I practically wept 24/7. Thankfully, she has no recollection of that!

I have pretended to cry around her and she gets upset with me when I do that. She really does not like to see me cry. I’ve wondered what she would do if I were really crying. I found out tonight.

We were just pulling in the driveway, still in the car, and I was upset over something that has overwhelmingly burdened my heart. Lily, acting so sweet and concerned, said, “Mommy, come back here so I can give you a kiss.” She kissed me twice and wiped the tears off my cheeks. She thought I was upset because my phone was dead, so she kept reassuring me that as soon as we got inside she would put it on the charger. 🙂

Later, I was in the kitchen and she ran in a wrapped her arms around my legs. I apologized for being so upset (because I did raise my voice out of frustration while we were in the car…not at any one person, but at a situation) and she said, “Jesus will make you better.” Grace and forgiveness in the heart of a child.

No worries Mom, Jesus makes it better.

I can not put in to words how much gratitude I have in my heart for a Jesus-loving, compassionate, caring, forgiving daughter.

God created her with a compassionate heart for a purpose. A purpose that I am excited to watch unfold as she gets older. I have a few ideas of my own of how God can use my sweet Lily, but I’m sure His ideas are way better than what I can imagine. I’m just so thankful for the many ways I already see Him at work in her young little heart.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. 
Ephesians 4:32

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