Life in Centreville

I’m a city girl. There’s no doubt about that.

When we were house hunting during our first year of marriage in a place I had briefly been to twice in my entire life, we were looking on the outskirts of the city because the homes were more affordable. I remember riding around in the back of our realtor’s car passing field after field of…well, I don’t know what crop it was.

Where do these people grocery shop?
What if I run out of toilet paper and the nearest CVS is 20 minutes away?
Will I have to make a day trip out of going to the grocery store? 
I’ll have to buy a month’s worth of groceries at a time!
Will I have to do my shopping at Dollar General (since there was one at every intersection)?
Bumper Crop Road? Where did that name come from? 

Those are all the thoughts that fled my mind. I can’t live out here. It’s much too far from the city for me.

So we bought a house less than a mile from the city limits. Made me feel better. There’s comfort in knowing the CVS is only an 8 minute drive. 

Where we live now I can walk to CVS, a grocery store, a gas station, 2 banks, a dentist, 2 vet offices, and several restaurants. All within a mile from our house. I love it.

I’m uncomfortable out in the middle of nowhere.

You’d think I’d be different. I grew up going to Bibb County all the time. It’s the home of my late great-grandparents. My grandparents still own much of the land and we still visit occasionally. There’s a lake, blueberries, dirt roads, stray dogs, guns, 4 wheelers, rattlesnakes, tractors, etc.  However, my favorite memory has nothing to do with being outside. I have fond memories of the dusty, out of tune piano being played in the living room. “Victory In Jesus” is one of my most beloved hymns because of that piano and the hands that played it.

I thought I would give you a glimpse into life in Centreville.

Lily’s first time picking blueberries! Would you believe me if I told you it was also my first time?

We eat good, southern, fresh food.

We let Lily’s great-grandparents play with guns (unloaded of course!). 

We get the Kubota out when BOTH 4 wheelers are stuck in the lake ON PURPOSE by two boys who like to cause trouble then fix all problems before Pop finds out. (Another post will come on this one…once I get pics/video off my phone). 

 We never take a serious family picture
 Thanks to our Aunt Sandra who brings the tutu, we can still be girly! 
We ride things on dirt roads and get muddy. 
I do love the city, but I’m so very thankful for all the family memories I have in Centreville. I think it’s pretty rad (yes, I did just say “rad”) that Lily plays on the land once owned by her great great grandparents. 
But, keep me near a CVS please. 

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