In the Go and in the Wait

I hate sitting in stand still traffic. I would much rather take back roads and go completely out of the way to reach my destination. I have to keep moving. Sitting still is hard for me. It’s not so much that I’m impatient (which I am). I would rather just know that I’m making progress toward a goal. Sitting still in traffic gets me no where.

Going is always easier than waiting.

Going means you are moving toward a destination, even if you don’t know where you are headed or what the purpose is. Going is faster. Going means feeling like you are in control (though you are not).

Waiting means your feet have no clue where to put the next step. And in order to move even a centimeter, you must rely on the Father to tell you where each and every step should be. Waiting means knowing you are not in control.

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. Ps. 62:1

If we aren’t waiting on God even in the seasons of “go”, then we aren’t really dependent on Him are we? Because in the go we wait for Him to work to achieve the end result for us; in the wait we depend on Him to reveal to us where and when our feet should tread.

So it’s really always waiting isn’t it?

It is because Christians do not know their relation to God of absolute poverty and helplessness that they have no sense of the need of absolute and unceasing dependence, or the unspeakable blessedness of continual waiting on God. But when a believer begins to see it, and consent to it–that the Holy Spirit must each moment receive what God each moment works–waiting on God becomes his brightest hope and joy. As he apprehends how God–as God, as Infinite Love– delights to impart His own nature to His child as fully as He can, how God is not weary of each moment keeping charge of his life and strength, he wonders that he ever thought otherwise of God than as a God to be waited on all the day. God unceasingly giving and working, His child unceasingly waiting and receiving: this is the blessed life…Waiting on God is the ascribing to Him the glory of being All; it is the experiencing that He is All to us. 

~Andrew Murray, Waiting on God

The “go” seasons of our life have a perceived goal. Something we can fix our eyes on and walk toward. While the “wait” seasons may not have a perceived goal, they have an eternal goal. And we fix our eyes on Jesus, our reward, and walk toward Him.

In the go and in the wait, we walk toward Him. Should we ever walk toward anything or anyone else then we have lost sight of who we are and Who we belong to.

God is always giving and working; we are always waiting and receiving.

Love this song by Rita Springer. I don’t love the cheesy video. 

One thought on “In the Go and in the Wait

  • This really did feed my soul, Brittany. You and I are a lot alike in the need to be moving forward. I would prefer the long way to standing still any day. One day, after a life of learning to wait, I will write a book about how to defeat un-holy ants in the pants…maybe;)

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