How Twitter helps us function as a family

Just a glimpse at how ridiculously incapable my family is at communicating with each other. Thank God for Twitter….

Tonight, my brother tweets, 
“Please pray for my mom. She is having jaw surgery tomorrow.”
I see the tweet and take a quadruple look at it to make sure it’s actually my brother that said that and not my eyes playing tricks on me. Because I certainly did not recall knowing that my mom is having surgery. But if my brother said his mom is having surgery, then, well…that means my mom is having surgery. 
I call her and say,
“Mom I’m really confused. Ben’s tweet says you are having jaw surgery tomorrow. I just spent 2 hours at your house eating dinner and you never mentioned surgery.”
And we both start laughing and it’s not just any ol’ laughter. It’s the kind that gives your abs a major workout.
We get off the phone and I tweet,
“My mom is apparently having jaw surgery tomorrow. Thanks to Ben’s tweet I now know of this surgery. Knew he was the fave.” 
Soon after, my mother gets on Facebook and replies to my tweet, 
“Your dad just found out about it when he saw your post. I guess Ben is the only one I told.” 
WOW. When were you going to tell him Mom? In the morning when it’s time to leave the house…
Hey Terry, wake up! I’m having jaw surgery today. 

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