Dear Satan

Dear Satan,

Last night Lily had a bad dream that woke her up. Whatever it was that scared her was an evil plight from you to try welcome a world of sin into our family early this morning. It took two hours of disciplining a screaming, disobedient child before she calmed down and fell back asleep. She was spanked four times. It tested our patience more than ever. We were very, very tempted to give in and let her have her way. We wanted to quit. We were tired.

Satan, you knew that a bad dream early in the morning to a scared little girl that refused to go back to sleep due to fear could potentially begin to destroy us. You knew that the bad dream would not only affect Lily, but would affect all three of us as the night went on and throughout the day as we tried to function on little sleep. We all got frustrated and angry. But we did not and will not give in to your ways.

Let me remind you of who we are:

We are not yours. We are not of this world. The battle has already been fought and guess what? You did not win. You are a pitiful loser and Christ is a glorious winner. We belong to the Kingdom of Light; you belong to the kingdom of darkness. We belong to a Sovereign God. We are held in His all-powerful hands and His grip can not let go. He is for us, so you cannot stop us. He is with us, so you cannot stand against us. We have the power of the one and only Holy Spirit residing in us and therefore, we have the freedom to not sin. We recognize that your plans and your ways are always for our destruction and death. You will not have your way in our family. You can’t have us. Not because we are strong and unwilling to give ourselves over to you. We are actually weak and by nature are bent toward sin, BUT it is impossible for anyone or anything to break the hold that Christ has on us. Got it?

A frustrated mother that wants her child to get plenty of rest, but an even more…WAY more…frustrated mother at you, Satan, and a thankful mother that the frustration she sometimes feels towards parenting and always toward you lead her to the feet of Jesus.

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