Tiny Feet

These tiny feet.

They’re only 31 months old.

They’ve only been moving on the ground for 15 months.

How could it already be time?

Time to step into pink ballet slippers. Time to be instructed how to use those tiny feet to gracefully dance through space. Time for her to learn a skill apart from me.

Lily, it’s not possible that you are ready for this. Of all your milestones, this is the most unbelievable. That you are of an age to be enrolled in an extra curricular activity.

It’s here. Your very first dance class to begin in less than a month. A recital in May to show all that your tiny feet have learned. And ballet slippers that will have to be put away because your tiny feet will have grown.

I’ll be there cheering you on. And if at the end of this first year of dancing you wish to try something else, then we will hang up the tutu and try something new.

Just promise me one thing, that you’ll always use your tiny feet to share the compassion of Christ with others and embrace the talents the Lord has given you and use them for His glory. That’s all I really pray for anyway. 

Love, Mommy

One thought on “Tiny Feet

  • Oh my stars. I can not wait to EA to take classes- she is already bouncing to the music. Can't wait to see Lily in the sweet little outfits!! She's going to be so great!

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