Lily Lately

There’s a post that’s been written for nearly two weeks now that is just waiting to be published, but the Lord keeps telling me to wait. So that I will do.

I’m not preggo. Though it would thrill me to no end if I was.

I have a feeling that I will have permission (if you want to call it that) to publish this certain post after August 14 (though I can’t make any promises), but I can’t just sit around and not blog about anything until then. It would nearly kill me.

So…here are some of our favorite things about Lily lately.

1. Hide n Seek is Lily’s favorite game to play. Her version is slightly different than what most would consider Hide n Seek. She picks one spot and one spot only to hide in over and over and over again in the dark. The lights must be turned off. The darker the better. Typically, it’s under the covers in a bed or in a closet. And while she waits for someone to come find her, she’s screaming “Come find me, come find me!” followed by the most exciting squeals you’ve ever heard a little girl make. Once she’s found, she stays right where she is and does it all over again. The best part? She refuses to hide alone. That means some lucky adult gets to sit in a dark closet for a good 30 minutes with an exuberant little girl who’s energy and excitement level is greater than an entire school of kids going on a surprise trip to Disney World.

Playing with her soccer ball in Mom and Pop’s backyard in Mentone

2. She recently got a radio in her room. This just adds to her love for all things music and dancing. She likes to CRANK up the volume as loud as it can be, shut her bedroom door, and force you to dance with her. All the while, she’s also trying to carry on a conversation with you. We still use our baby monitor so if we are able to escape her mad dance party, we can still enjoy the surround sound throughout the house via the monitors.

Rocking and singing Aubie to sleep

3.  She loves to read God’s word. Many times in the morning she will get a Bible and ask us to read it to her.  Blessed beyond measure that my 2 1/2 year old already has a passion for reading the Bible. She loves to “read” it too. It is precious to hear her blend Bible stories with other things going on in her life while she reads. Dora never fails to show up in a Bible story.

Memorial Day at Papaw and Grandma’s 

4.  Anytime she pretends to be going somewhere, it’s always to Bible study. She will grab her purse, get in her car, go to Bible study, sing some songs, and come back and tell us all about it.

Playing at the splash pad

5. There’s been a lot of thunderstorms lately. While Lily is terrified of them, she knows exactly Who made the “funder”. Every single time she hears thunder, she jumps and says “what was that?”. I tell her it’s thunder. She frantically responds with a shaky yet reassuring voice, “I don’t have to be scared. God made the funder.”

6.  As we walk out of her room after putting her down for nap or bedtime, she says, “Goodnight Daddy/Mommy. I love you.” SO SO SO sweet!

We have this awesome tree swing in our front yard. She spends a lot of time there. 

7.  I still can’t believe how quickly she broke her thumb sucking habit. I only put the Mavala nail polish on her 3 nights in a row and that did it. Never thought it would be so easy!

Her very first haircut! Looks painful, I promise it wasn’t!

8. She’s been talking about going to the beach in August since May. At MDO this week, her teacher was introducing the new month and when Lily heard the word “August” she FREAKED out and started yelling, “I’m going to the beach in August! I’m going to the beach in August!”

So that leads me to the end of this post. Headed to the beach for the week with my family. I’ll be back with pictures!!!

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