Lily’s First Dance Class

My apologies, Dora the Explorer, but it may be true that Lily is becoming more interested in Angelina Ballerina. I know that we have spent many mornings over the last 2ish years singing, counting, jumping, laughing, practicing our Spanish, and constantly talking to the TV because we can’t use the backpack or the map unless we call for them several times. Dora, we need them in every episode of all 4 seasons on Netflix, why can’t they just hang around?
This is probably too good to be true. I’m sure Dora will be requested again in our house, but at least we now have the option to watch Angelina Ballerina. Thanks to all this….Lily’s first dance class!

Getting dressed. She insists on wearing her tap shoes to dance, then she changes into her ballet shoes when she gets in the studio

Showing just a wee bit of an attitude, haha!

Pretty blue eyes 

Waiting for class to begin. AKA: waiting for all the mothers of screaming children to make the decision stay or leave. Thankfully, Lily went right in the room and didn’t think twice. 

Sitting by the teacher, still waiting on those mothers to make a decision

Waiting still…

I had to escape the maddening chaos in that room. This pic is zoomed in quite a bit and it’s her reflection in the mirror…but I do love how she is sitting! Like a little butterfly 🙂 

FINALLY….we can start dancing! Lily is the ghost child on the left going absolutely crazy. Terrible pic, but hilarious how she was SO in her comfort zone. She let loose, haha! 
Showing off her tap shoes

The music begins, the hands go up!

Freeze dance with her teacher

Stickers for being good in dance class! 
Lily is really enjoying dance class…it’s quite obvious! Just outside the room there are chairs and a video monitor so all the parents can watch. She is such a good little student. She follows directions and gets involved. And she patiently waits and waits and waits for the less than happy tiny dancers to calm down or leave so class can begin. We’re loving it! 

One thought on “Lily’s First Dance Class

  • Your blog is great. Fun talking to you while I was waiting on my little stinker in dance class today! She made it into that last pic you have up too… lol. 🙂

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