Karaoke and Room Temperature Deviled Eggs

Sometimes the only motivation to do a particularly undesirable activity is to know that when I get on the other side of it, I get to blog about it.

My little War Eagle girl! 

A family reunion is one of those particularly undesirable activities. I love my family. I truly do. There’s just something about the words “family” and “reunion” that don’t make me giddy with anticipation.

“You said we’re going where, Mom?” 

So, let me tell you why I was skeptical about going (and downright refusing to go until the last minute). These are in order of importance.

1. It’s smack dab in the middle of something vital to my sanity. Lily’s naptime.
2. Brent had to work.
3. It’s the first game day of the season. Last year we went to a reunion on Brent’s side on the same Saturday. Shouldn’t there be a law here that makes it illegal to have reunions on a football Saturday?
4. The last time I went to a reunion with this side of the family a little boy was riding a 3-wheeler and had an accident. He chopped his leg off and had to be rushed via ambulance to the hospital. Ok, ok, that’s not what happened. According to my mom, what actually happened isn’t so traumatic. He cut his leg and had to get stitches. But in my childhood memory, I remember a MUCH more critical situation. Either way, I didn’t want me or Lily to lose any limbs.

My grandmother first mentioned this reunion to me at the beginning of the summer. I immediately and very sarcastically laughed with a “y’all have fun!” attitude. And through a series of emails later, I didn’t really have a choice. My grandmother wanted me there. And out of my love and respect for her, I knew I needed to go.

But really, she discreetly roped me in when she asked me to bring the deviled eggs. What’s a family reunion without room temperature deviled eggs sitting in an old Tupperware dish?

I was going to show up, eat a few bites, let everyone meet and play with Lily, then I would leave.

That was the plan and I was NOT going to have ANY fun!

But that was before these ladies walked outside…The Saggy Bottom Girls as they like to call themselves. Totally took me by surprise and I certainly didn’t expect the possum on the shoulder. We were all sitting outside on the patio and the next thing we knew Rena, Dana, and Lisa come outside ready to rock the place silly with their karaoke skills.

Yes, fellow readers, karaoke. At our family reunion. It was right up my alley!

You KNOW Lily had to get in on the action! She sang “Jesus Loves Me”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “ABCs”, and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. She really wanted to sing “Pontoon” (her new favorite by Little Big Town). 

She even got to keep the possum
Lily with The Saggy Bottom Girls

She wanted “naked feet” like Lisa
But y’all, that was just the beginning of the fun. Just like the deviled eggs roped me in to coming to this thing, I got roped in to singing karaoke. Playlist included Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”, The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”, Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason”, and Josh Turner’s “Long Black Train”.
Oh, I’m sure it sounded terrible. But isn’t it supposed to? It’s karaoke! At a family reunion

My personal favorite

Before I share the real gem of this post, I’ll share a few more pics from our day. 
Reading with her great great Aunt Rena

Picking muscadines with her great Aunt Sandra

She found a lily…and it was orange! 
She had SO much fun! 
Now, on to the good stuff of this post. In case you haven’t already guessed, this is NOT Grammy Award-winning material! 
My mom and I singing “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”
My cousin Cleveland and I singing “Long Black Train”. He wouldn’t agree to this unless he got paid and someone else sang with him. I agreed to sing, but only if he split the profit. We both got $20 from Momma Jean :). 
Hope you half way chuckled at least once!

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