Superman vs. Superman

Thought I would give y’all a good laugh at my expense.

During Lily’s naptime, I’ve been doing some quick workouts I found on Pinterest. I don’t know if they are doing me any good, but at least I’m burning calories when I’d rather be snoozing too. It involves doing things like push ups, crunches, lunges, etc.

There were a few exercises I had to google because I had never heard of them.
Like a Russian Twist. Or a Bird Dog.

But the Superman? I know what that is! I’ve been to my share of wedding receptions. I’ve taken a bunch of 5th graders to the skating rink.

So for 30 seconds during the workout, I’ve been doing a little bit of this…

Source: Ave of the Stars
and a little bit of that. 

Sourse: The Knot

But today I got to thinkin’ and just wondered that maybe that wasn’t the actual exercise I was supposed to be doing. It was just kind of weird to me to be doing 100 jumping jacks, 50 crunches, 30 bird dogs, 20 side lunges, mixed with 30 seconds of jumping back and forth in my living room pretending to be at a wedding reception.

So I googled “superman exercise.”

Turns out this is the superman I’m supposed to be doing.

Source: Spark People

Glad I got that cleared up. 

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