Beach Trip with my Cohort C Girls!

This past weekend Brent held the fort down so I could head to the beach for a girls trip. I got to spend four days with my best friends from my days at Auburn. We all live in different cities now, but we have kept in touch since college through the phone and social media. I am so thankful for social media. I know there are some negative things about being connected to the world 24/7. I’m not too fond of it myself. On the flip side, there are awesome things about being connected to your friends 24/7 when you see them maybe once a year. Thankfully, we’ve had wedding festivities and babies over the past 5 years that have brought us all together again several times.

This trip was a repeat of a trip 5 1/2 years ago, only this time we added a friend :). We call ourselves the “Cohort C” group because that was the name of our education cohort at Auburn. We went on a beach trip our senior year because two of us were about to get married and we were all headed to different cities after graduation.

This was us post-Chi Chi, but pre-marriage and pre-baby. Let me break that down for you…we were relieved to have hard-to-please Chi Chi and her nearly impossible Gee’s Bend quilting/paper mache class behind us and our bodies had not yet been stretched for 9 months to accommodate a human. Hence the two piece bathing suit, full length shot. 

Rebecca, Ashley, me, Allison, Jessica
Gulf Shores 2007
We were there for three nights and managed to find a reason to go to Publix every night. We ate breakfast and lunch in the condo and ate out for dinners. The food trucks in Seaside are tasty and Red Bar is a DELICIOUS place to eat.

Yes, we took a 4 month old to a bar. Yes, we got lots of looks as we pushed our way through the crowd with her infant carrier. No, Jessica, you are not a bad mother. We all drank water for cryin’ out loud! 

We rented movies, played Nerts (or Nurts? or BooCow?), ate way too much, stayed up too late, took naps on the beach, put Aubrey through sleep training, and discussed what DHR might do if they hear we eat Sour Patch Kids Cabbage Patch Kids.

Now we are all married and among us we have four children, one more on the way, and three worshiping Jesus in Heaven. Three of us are teaching full time (Terri Leigh, that includes you!). Three of us are SAHM’s. Two of us are pastor’s wives. Four of us are very crafty (Jessica, I excluded us from this bunch!). Three of us live in our hometown. Five of us have iPhones and one of us (ahem, me) has the world’s dumbest smart phone. But, after this weekend we are all on Twitter and Instagram :). It’s just that five of us will be able to use those apps more efficiently than that one other (again, that would be me).

Terri Leigh, Rebecca, Jessica with baby Aubrey, me, Ashley (with a baby on the way), and Allison
Seagrove Beach 2012
I had to crop the above picture because as soon as this pic was taken, Rebecca yells, “Nothing below the belly button is allowed to be on the internet!” Haha! Funny how things change as you get older :). 
All I have to say, girls, is at least we don’t look like these ladies yet. 

We met these ladies on our first beach trip in 2007. They were oh so very classy with their cigs hanging out of their mouth. The cigs weren’t the only thing hanging out. 
I’m so thankful for my years at Auburn, getting to know and spend time with these friends. I’m also thankful that we haven’t skipped a beat in our friendships with each other, even though we hardly see each other! God is good :). Love y’all!

2 thoughts on “Beach Trip with my Cohort C Girls!

  • Wow. That '07 pic gets me. That might have been the second to last time I wore a 2 piece. Actually it was the second to last time… the last time being our honeymoon. Aah sweet marriage.
    Had so much fun with you girls last weekend! Can't wait to do it again!

  • Fun times! I think you should have included in your 'stats' how many moves cohort c girls have made since graduation, baha!

    Thank goodness for social media! : )

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