Halloween 2012

Our Halloween events on Wednesday started with a party and parade at Lily’s school. These are the best pics my mom could get of The Princess. She was probably too busy playing teacher and keeping all of her friends in line. 

The Princess and Batman in Mommy’s room after the parade was over. 

That night we went to a huge trunk or treat at a local church. Lily had a blast and even saw a few friends!

Had to get a pic with the lady with purple hair. A favored color in the eyes of The Princess. 

We saw one of Lily’s friends from dance class. This was a moment where both mommies were forcing their little girls to at least look like they enjoy each other’s company. This is the best they would give us. 

Then we ran into long time friends Iron Man and Spiderman. Their sister Tinkerbell missed the photo op. 

The Princess and Alvin

By this point in the night The Princess was done and Lily came back. She found a calf!
And today, my mom gave Lily an early birthday present and gave us front row seats to Disney on Ice! 

Because this cup of shaved ice was $12, this the only cup she is allowed to drink out of the rest of her life! All she wanted was some water, but there was conveniently only ONE concession stand open but several Disney merchandise tables open. I was not about to stand in line for water and miss the entire second half of the show. So we settled for $12 worth of ICE!

Horrible pic, but I loved Under the Sea!

Mickey and Minnie
What a fun week we have had!!!

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