Blessings found in a Basement

You didn’t think I would leave this basement apartment without blogging about it first did you?

Well, I did.

Until this very moment I have grown to strongly dislike this place.

We’ve had a problem with ants inside, outside, and in our cars.

Our landlady who is tall and thin, walks around at all hours of the night like she weighs 500 tons and seems to rearrange her furniture/hanging wall decor every 5 minutes.

Our landlady’s 9 (I think) grandchildren all live out of town and come to visit a few times a year. So multiply 500 tons by 18 more feet. That’s a lot of noise coming from upstairs.

We hardly had company over because there is just no where for everyone to be all at one time.

You practically have to straddle a wall to use the potty. And when we you have the stomach bug coming from both ends…well…need I say more?

And a lot of other silly little inconveniences that have gotten under my skin.

I was stacking up the 3 chairs around our 2-person restaurant table we’ve had in the kitchen. Many meals were shared as we squeezed into that corner of the kitchen.

And at that moment the place that I’ve grown to not like, I grew to love 100 times more.

It’s the memories that make you love what you once hated and wish you had just learned to like it all along.

Like the memories made on a quilt in the backyard on a warm summer day

Or the ones where Lily grew to love cooking with Mommy

The simple joy of a tree swing

First haircut for our sweet girl on the patio

Breakfast every morning at her table (yes, those m&ms were a reward for her first night of no thumb sucking)

Miss Priss running up and down the hall in Mommy’s heels

Learning to dress herself from head to toe 

Playing in the den while watching Dora

Dancing to the farm music magnets while cooking
And every single sound of our joyful little girl in the house
But the greatest memory is the how this entire year has been a picture of God’s unending faithfulness and goodness to our family. It’s been a hard year. I won’t go into details, I’ve already been there done that on this blog. 
But there is nothing in our lives that is left untouched by our gracious, loving Father. Without going all Ann Voskamp on you, all’s grace
It truly is. 
It’s all the reality of His grace and relentless pursuit of us. 
And with my whole heart I leave this basement with humbleness and gratitude that He appointed this blessed opportunity for us as a family. 
The hardships are always a blessing in the end. A blessing that makes you look back without a clue why He did so much for you. Except you do know. His grace, which the fullness of is incomprehensible. 
And then you look ahead to where He’s leading you and again, you are in complete awe of what He is doing. 
It’s all Him. It’s all His glory. It’s all His grace. 
Goodbye basement. You’ve been yet another avenue that allowed us to see God’s grace all around us. You will be missed and remembered fondly. 

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