Lily-isms and a Restaurant I Will Not Mention

I’m in such a blog funk lately I seem to only find words for posts on Lily’s Lily-isms.

But I guess that’s better than nothing, right?

Tonight after we went through our typical bedtime routine, which has drastically changed since this post, I sat down in front of the TV to enjoy some HGTV alone. Brent was at the WORST imaginable restaurant with “the guys” after church tonight.

That restaurant would be the one with uncomfortably small tables, years old recycled grease, sticky menus, a bright yellow and black sign with block letters that say…well, I’m not going to put any profanity on my blog.

I’ve been there a total of three times in my entire existence. Never have I even felt comfortable drinking a glass of water, much less eat food. Last time I went I was pregnant with Lily and 3 weeks of bedrest followed my meal of greasy waffles. I made a vow to myself to never go again.

So anytime Brent has the opportunity to go without me, I give him a REALLY hard time about it, then I let him go.

Anyway, this post has nothing to do with that dining facility. Just thought I would share my feelings.

I sat down to enjoy a quiet night with HGTV and Lily began calling my name…pretty normal these days during bedtime. I poked my head into her room to see what the problem could be. She heard the trains and it scared her. We had a llllooonnnggg talk about how it is Satan’s goal to make us afraid and make our hearts not trust God’s protection. I prayed with her that she would trust God to keep her safe and go to sleep with a peaceful mind and ignore Satan’s attempts to scare her.

Everything was good. I went back downstairs. And as soon as I sat down, I heard another train. And as soon as I heard that, a little girl was beckoning me from upstairs.

“Mommy…Mommy…Mommy” you get the idea…it continued until I was in her room.

“Yes, Lily.”

“I heard the train but I didn’t get scared so I didn’t call your name. Just wanted to let you know.”

Except you did call my name, Lily, multiple times. 

“Good job, Lily. See, we can trust God and He is faithful.”

“Yeah, He’s much better than Satan.”

And now she is sleeping soundly :). I love it when God makes Himself known in her little life. Thankful that He cares to show his protection and faithfulness over the sound of a choo-choo train to a 3 year old.

Oh crat, Dave!

Let’s get two things straight.

1.  Lily likes to practice her scissor skills.

2. In addition to Lily’s pretend friend Sister, she also has one named Dave. He’s nothing but trouble. Seriously. He’s in time out all the time, literally, for saying “stupid” and “Roll Tide”.

Now that we are clear on those two things, we can move on to the conversation Lily and I had today in my bed. I had the stomach bug and she was keeping me company.

Lily was cutting a Target ad and, of course, getting little shavings of paper all over my bed.

Lily: I cut the target [she cut through the red target]. Should I say ‘oh crat’?
Me: Should you say what?
Lily: Oh crat
Me: {What in the world is she saying? O crat??? OH CRAP! She is saying ‘oh crap’!!!!!}

Upon my realization, I responded as all wise mothers do who are trying to teach their children manners and morals, I sternly corrected her and washed her mouth out with soap laughed hysterically as she continued to say oh crat over and over again, because I had made it clear by my laughter that it was an entertaining phrase.

I finally gained composure, after hearing oh crat come from her sweet little out about 15 more times.

Me: Lily, we can not say that word. It’s not a nice word.
Lily: What? You mean oh crat?
She had to say it just one more time while it was safe to use it without consequence.
Me: Yes, Lily. Please don’t say that anymore.
Lily: Mommy, Dave says oh crat all the time. And he says stupid and Roll Tide. He sits in time out all day long because he says oh crat.
Me: We don’t need to repeat what Dave says.
Lily: But Dave…
Me: Lily, no more Dave.

Honestly, I think the only reason Dave exists in her mind is so she can have an innocent reason to use “bad words” without getting in trouble. But she only says these forbidden words when Dave is around. When he’s gone, Lily is definitely on duty as the bad word police.

By the way…I did not teach her that Roll Tide is a bad word.

And for the record, if you find this funny (as I hope you do) but remind Lily of this phrase, this momma will correct you. Thanks in advance for NOT using oh crat, oh crap, or any other variation around my child.

Baby Update #3

How far along: 14 weeks

Baby Bump: It’s there, but I learned this weekend that it’s not an obvious bump yet.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but not out of necessity. I got some super cute maternity clothes for Christmas so I’m maximizing the time I have to wear them.

Total weight gain: I’m back where I was 2 appts ago before I lost weight, so I’m going to pretend that I haven’t gained any weight yet :).

Cravings: It changes almost daily. Right now it’s big, fluffy, wholesome blueberry pancakes, although I’d settle for any hot blueberry breakfast item. And an ice cold Coke. But not at the same time.

Food that nearly makes me vomit when I think about it: I’m over my coffee issues, although I still can’t drink it everyday. Hot tea for me please!

Symptoms: Other than my irregular sleeping patterns, nothing. I honestly don’t feel pregnant right now.

Sleep: See above. I spent 3 nights in a hotel this weekend, with my mother snoring and Lily in the bed with me kicking my back/face all night long. Surprisingly, I got the best sleep those 3 nights than I have in a really long time.

Movement: Yes! But it’s unpredictable.

Gender: We find out on Feb 25th. The ultrasound was originally scheduled while Brent will be out of town, so I sweet talked my doctor into changing the date!

Belly button in or out: In

What I miss: Nothing really, other than the occasional Coke product.

Best moment this week: This doesn’t really have anything to do with the baby, but I thoroughly enjoyed being in one of my best friend’s weddings with Lily. I’ve been so worried that my dress wouldn’t fit, but I actually had room to grow! I was very comfortable in it.

Biggest Challenge: None right now!

Lily’s 3rd Birthday

Finally getting around to posting Lily’s 3rd birthday. The fun started the first Saturday in December when she had her first “friend” party.

Our plans had to quickly change when the entertainment for the party got sick, but thankfully we had great weather so we spent a good part of the party outside doing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, pinatas, silly string, etc. Then, we decorated cupcakes and opened presents! Thanks to Nana for letting us have the party at her house, to Grandma for making a last minute stop at Party City for those supplies, and to TBone (photography website here) for taking all the pics! 

I just love the expression on her face! Lily opened her tutu dress that she will wear as the Flower Girl in my friend Kristen’s wedding. 
For her actual birthday, I took Lily to get her first pedicure/manicure. Then, we picked up Daddy and ate lunch at her favorite, Which Wich. That afternoon family came to our house for dinner and cake. 

And now for some updates and her 3 year old interview. 
Height/Weight: I’m so bad at guessing height. She is just shy of 30 lbs. AKA…hasn’t really gained any weight in a year. 
Clothes: Her waist is the size of a 18 mo-2T, but she needs 3T for the length. She is either ready for a flood or constantly pulling up her pants. 
Shoe Size: 6 1/2- 7
Favorite Toys: Dollhouse, Leap Pad, all things music and dancing related, coloring
Favorite Movies: Miss Patty Cake, Cinderella, Radio City Rockettes
Favorite Shows: Thanks to finding the Rockettes on Netflix, we haven’t watched Dora very much. 
Potty Training: Out of pull ups except for night time. Planning to attack that as soon as we run out of pull ups. 
Favorite Chore: Getting Sanibel out of her crate in the morning, letting her out to potty during the day, giving her treats 
Mommy’s Favorite: Her laugh when she gets really tickled at something, her hilarious dance moves, being a student while she plays dance class
Daddy’s Favorite: She requests to snuggle at bedtime
Bedtime Routine: Potty, brush teeth, pjs, Bible story, prayers, snuggles, then we leave her in her room to read 2 books to her friends before she falls asleep. 
Biggest Challenge: Her independence (which is a WONDERFUL characteristic) that gets her into trouble a lot and makes her very stubborn. But I do love that she can potty by herself and get dressed by herself. Although, she makes some odd clothing choices some days. That’s a battle I don’t fight. As long as she is dressed appropriately, I don’t care if she has a bright orange and green socks to wear with her purple shoes and pink outfit. 
Make Believe Friend: “Sister” I have not confirmed yet if she is Lily’s pretend sister or just a friend named Sister. I think it’s the latter. 
Funny Moment: When Lily passes gas she grabs an Auburn shaker to “shake the stinky away”. She says Sister taught her this???

2012 Year in Review

I came across this questionnaire today on Twitter. I thought 2012 would be a good year to review since it was not the best year of our lives. I sound quite depressed, but let me assure you I’m not :). Just being honest with all of you. God’s faithfulness overrides all that we faced this year.

1.  What was the single best thing that happened this past year?
Brent getting a job that he deserves and that provides for our needs.

2.  What was the single most challenging thing that happened this year?
It’s hard to name a single because the entire year was nothing but a challenge. I will say losing our baby was quite the challenge.

3.  What was an unexpected joy this past year?
Finding out we were pregnant with a healthy baby.

4.  What was an unexpected obstacle?
Brent interviewed for a job in Birmingham but was offered the job in Huntsville. We certainly did not see that coming. It created a number of obstacles, all of which were overcome by God’s grace and in His perfect timing.

5.  Pick 3 words to describe this year.
Lonely, challenging, emotional

6.  Pick 3 words your spouse would pick to describe your year (without asking). 
Emotional, unexpected, frustrating (my answer)
Frustrating, crazy but according to God’s plan, “but it wound up good” (his answer)

7.  Pick 3 words your spouse would pick to describe his year (without asking). 
Hopeless (job-related), weird, frustrating (my answer)
Demanding, rewarding, “and that whole middle part that was really crappy” (his answer)

8.  What were the best books you read this year?
Ha! Well, there’s only one book I read cover to cover, What Women Fear by Angie Smith
And there’s the two that I started and never finished, Hunger Games and Made to Crave by Lysa Terkuerst
It goes without saying, I’m not much of a reader. 

9. With whom were your most valuable relationships?
Brent and Lily, my family since it was the first time since 2003 I have consistently lived in Bham, and my new-found friendship with Heather (someone I’ve known since we moved to North AL the first time, but it wasn’t until I moved away that we became good friends. We are like-minded and I appreciate her honest friendship)

10.  What was your biggest personal challenge from January to December of this past year?
Finding motivation to be the wife/mom I want to be while living with little money in a basement apartment and working full-time at a job I disliked very much. Debbie Downer, I know.

11.  In what way(s) did you grow emotionally?
This is a weird question. I cried a lot. Does that answer suffice?

12.  In what way(s) did you grow spiritually?
I spent more time with Jesus than any other year before. Hence, why this year was actually a huge blessing in disguise.

13.  In what way(s) did you grow physically?
Well, my body prepared for a baby twice. And for me that means immediate weight gain.

14.  In what way(s) did you grow in your relationships with others?
Brent and I have always been good communicators with each other, but the trials we faced caused the communication to increase with each other and with our ever-curious daughter.

15.  What was the most enjoyable part of your work (both professionally and at home)?
Professionally: Uhh…getting to see Lily
At home: Dance parties with Lily and pushing her on the swing in the front yard.

16.  What was the most challenging part of your work (both professionally and at home)?
Professionally: It would take more than a sentence to explain.
At home: Like I said before, finding the motivation to be the wife/mom I want to be.

17. What was your single biggest time waster in your life this past year?
Social media…duh!

18. What was the best way you used your time this past year?
Social media…duh! Ok, ok…anytime spent with family was a good way to spend my time.

19.  What was the biggest thing you learned this past year?
God causes or allows all the circumstances in my life (something I already knew due to years of my father saying this). They are no secret to Him. He cares deeply for me and uses the trials to draw me closer to Him. Whether or not I like it, that’s His goal: intimate fellowship even through suffering. His promises are true, even for me, and His faithfulness has no end. He will not leave me in my hopelessness. He will come to my rescue. He has the ability to and will provide for me, all I need to do is trust Him fully. He is good. He is for me. He is worthy of all my praise.

20.  Create a phrase or statement that describes this past year for you.
Glad it’s over.

Welcome 2013!!!