Lily’s 3rd Birthday

Finally getting around to posting Lily’s 3rd birthday. The fun started the first Saturday in December when she had her first “friend” party.

Our plans had to quickly change when the entertainment for the party got sick, but thankfully we had great weather so we spent a good part of the party outside doing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, pinatas, silly string, etc. Then, we decorated cupcakes and opened presents! Thanks to Nana for letting us have the party at her house, to Grandma for making a last minute stop at Party City for those supplies, and to TBone (photography website here) for taking all the pics! 

I just love the expression on her face! Lily opened her tutu dress that she will wear as the Flower Girl in my friend Kristen’s wedding. 
For her actual birthday, I took Lily to get her first pedicure/manicure. Then, we picked up Daddy and ate lunch at her favorite, Which Wich. That afternoon family came to our house for dinner and cake. 

And now for some updates and her 3 year old interview. 
Height/Weight: I’m so bad at guessing height. She is just shy of 30 lbs. AKA…hasn’t really gained any weight in a year. 
Clothes: Her waist is the size of a 18 mo-2T, but she needs 3T for the length. She is either ready for a flood or constantly pulling up her pants. 
Shoe Size: 6 1/2- 7
Favorite Toys: Dollhouse, Leap Pad, all things music and dancing related, coloring
Favorite Movies: Miss Patty Cake, Cinderella, Radio City Rockettes
Favorite Shows: Thanks to finding the Rockettes on Netflix, we haven’t watched Dora very much. 
Potty Training: Out of pull ups except for night time. Planning to attack that as soon as we run out of pull ups. 
Favorite Chore: Getting Sanibel out of her crate in the morning, letting her out to potty during the day, giving her treats 
Mommy’s Favorite: Her laugh when she gets really tickled at something, her hilarious dance moves, being a student while she plays dance class
Daddy’s Favorite: She requests to snuggle at bedtime
Bedtime Routine: Potty, brush teeth, pjs, Bible story, prayers, snuggles, then we leave her in her room to read 2 books to her friends before she falls asleep. 
Biggest Challenge: Her independence (which is a WONDERFUL characteristic) that gets her into trouble a lot and makes her very stubborn. But I do love that she can potty by herself and get dressed by herself. Although, she makes some odd clothing choices some days. That’s a battle I don’t fight. As long as she is dressed appropriately, I don’t care if she has a bright orange and green socks to wear with her purple shoes and pink outfit. 
Make Believe Friend: “Sister” I have not confirmed yet if she is Lily’s pretend sister or just a friend named Sister. I think it’s the latter. 
Funny Moment: When Lily passes gas she grabs an Auburn shaker to “shake the stinky away”. She says Sister taught her this???

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