Gender Reveal and Baby Name Hint

I’m very thankful for text messaging. I can’t imagine what today between 10:30 and now would have been like with a bunch of phone calls.  

I do appreciate all the texts, I really do. It just confirms my extreme popularity among my peers. 

I just don’t do well AT ALL with a mass of texts coming in at once begging for me to answer the gender question (or any other question). And I had so many people tell me to send them a text. That’s a lot of pressure. Because it’s inevitable that I’ll forget someone.
After we went to the doctor, we enjoyed lunch as a family of 4 at Five Guys for Brent’s bday (on Wednesday)/happy gender reveal day. We (I) decided that we should enjoy our newly gained information quietly as a family. I wasn’t ready to tell the world. Even Baby’s anxious grandparents. 
I consider it my gift to you: a lesson in patience. And my mother’s response to that, “It’s God’s job to teach me patience, not you!” I was a little snobby, but I think it can slide this one time because I was snobby for the sake of my child. 
And because the name requires some explaining, I certainly could not tell anyone the name any other way but on this here blog. 
I mean, isn’t this why I created the blog in the first place…so I could let a mass of people know the same information at the same time without me having to explain something over and over again (something I loathe doing)??? 
So here goes. I know you are thinking SHUT UP and get to the point. 
The point is, I’ve been anxiously waiting to write this blog for about 2ish years now. We’ve had this name that long. And once we realized the hilarity of the name (you’ll see why), I wrote this blog in my head. It’s just been patiently sitting in my writer’s mind waiting for the day it can make a public appearance. 
I’m going to reveal the name in part 2 very very soon. But first, you must know that 

And I’ll give you a hint while you wait…

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