Happy 6 Years!

Six years ago Brent and I said our “I dos” and made a vow before God to stick together and love each other through thick and thin. Actually, our wedding date is May 26, but we were out of town and I failed to write this post before we left…GASP!

We celebrated the way we have for 4 of our 6 years…Melting Pot. It is one of my favorite things to do with Brent. The food is good, yes, but I love the fact that it takes nearly two hours to complete the 4-course meal…which means Brent and I have two uninterrupted hours to just talk to each other (and get really stuffed). It’s funny how anniversary celebrations change when you drop an income and add children to your family. Our first anniversary we paid cash for a 4 day trip out of state. This year, we had a Melting Pot budget (and got excited that they changed their menu so we spent less), stayed in a hotel using Brent’s hotel points, rode in his company car and had free gas, ate breakfast the next day at Cracker Barrel using a gift card, and dropped Lily off with the free babysitters grandparents.  
We reminisced on the surprises/changes of each year. 
1st Year: Move from Ft. Myers to North AL, bought a house, I started my first teaching job (all of this happened in the first 3 months).

2nd Year: Brent and I both changed jobs, found out we were pregnant with Lily

3rd Year: I changed jobs again (AKA finally found a full-time teaching job at a school I LOVED), Lily was born

4th Year: Brent loses his job on the same day I tell my principal I’m not returning the next school year, Brent finds new job

5th Year: Move to Bham (moved twice while there), can’t sell house so we become landlords, Brent and I both start new jobs…which we HATE, we have a miscarriage

6th Year: Brent gets new job in North AL, we find out we are pregnant, we buy a house and move back

I think we can all agree the the past two years have exceeded the amount of change one cares to face in two years. We are hoping the only major change our 7th year has in store is the birth of our son!

There hasn’t been a year that we found God unfaithful to us and His promises. And there won’t be one. He is faithful, good, true, and sovereign…all the time.

I’m convinced that I am the most blessed wife/mother on this planet. God gave me a man that loves and serves me like Jesus and makes me laugh all the day long. Doesn’t get much better than that!


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