Lily’s 3 1/2 Birthday

I’m not a huge celebrator of half birthdays but we usually do something small for Lily (like cupcakes from GiGi’s) and I always document her favorite things and such. It’s fun to look back at how she changes and what stays the same. Soon after this half birthday big changes are coming her way, so we made this one extra special. She requested Poppyseed Chicken for dinner and then we surprised her with her first trip to Melting Pot for dessert.

Height/Weight: Err…horrible at guessing height. She’s STILL just shy of 30 lbs. The girl eats, I promise!!!

Clothes: Mostly 3T, but we are occasionally still buying 2T.

Shoe Size: 7- 7 1/2

Favorite Toys: doctor kit, puzzles (she is pretty much a master at puzzles), outside playset, Little Tikes car, princess dress-up clothes

Favorite Activities: Scary Monkey game (aka Temple Run), playing school or church, pretending to be a Rockette and making up songs/dances, driving the buggy at the grocery store

Favorite Movie: Cinderella

Favorite Shows: Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Henry Hugglemonster, Sofia the First

Favorite Songs: Pontoon by Little Big Town, Ho Hey by The Lumineers (I sing this to her as I’m leaving her room for naptime), Bless the Lord O My Soul by Matt Redman, Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show, I’m Not Ashamed by Kristian Stanfill

Favorite Chore: Letting Sanibel out of her crate in the mornings, feeding her, and letting her outside. Helping with laundry. She has also become very interested and very good at cleaning her room. She’s a neat freak like me–thank you Jesus–and likes everything to be put back just right. Very thankful that she is a) old enough to clean, b) wants to clean, c) meets my standards for cleaning :).

Favorite Food: Fruit Nuggets, PBJ, Annie’s Bunnies, colored Goldfish, applesauce pouches, meat…the girl LOVES meat 🙂

Mommy’s Favorite: As usual, I have a few. Lily is a great communicator and she has had very few words that she doesn’t say correctly. As she gets older she is beginning to say everything the right way, so I’m really hanging on to those incorrect words and I don’t try to fix her speech. A few of them are “mayve” for maybe, “by next”…like “Mommy will you sit by next to me?”…, “moosic” instead of music, “It doesn’t care with me” instead of it doesn’t matter or I don’t care. She also uses words like “perhaps” and “suppose” and it cracks me up. Her imagination blows my mind. I love to hear/watch her play worship or school. I love that she is so curious about all things God. She will sit and “read” her entire Bible in one sitting. And I love to hear her clanking all over the house in my heels, wearing my purse across her shoulder, pushing her stuffed animals in the stroller.

Daddy’s Favorite: She calls him “Daddo” from Henry Hugglemonster.

Bedtime Routine: Potty, brush teeth, pjs, Bible story, prayers, snuggles, then we leave her in her room to read 2 books to her friends before she falls asleep.

Biggest Challenge: Bedtime can occasionally be an absolute nightmare. Overall, though, Lily is a well-behaved child. All she requires is enough sleep.

Friends: Logan, Davis, Dusti Jo, and Laney

Make Believe Friends: Sister is still around and still an active part of our family. Thankfully, she doesn’t really get Lily in trouble anymore. She’s just around for Lily to have a reason to tell a funny story about something Sister did. Dave and Bad Dave are still in the cave with bad bears. She doesn’t talk about them unless she’s asked. I guess they really messed up.

Funny Moment: One morning at my parents house she put a straw hat upside down on the floor, sat in it, and said “I’m a momma bird sitting in my nest.”  I’m sure it’s funnier if you were actually there. Spend any amount of time with her and her crazy creativity and you’ll be laughing no doubt.

She ate marshmallows and rice krispies dipped in chocolate and ate a few bites of cheesecake simply by picking it up and taking bites…but would you believe me if I told you she preferred to just eat the strawberries without chocolate? Brent doesn’t like strawberries, so she ate all of his, all of hers, and most of mine. We can get strawberries for a lot cheaper elsewhere…but this was still more fun!

Soon to be Big Sister, waiting on our table

And her interview…
I can’t get the video to embed for some reason, so here’s the link


We love you more than words can express and our love for you grows deeper with each passing day. We are SO looking forward to you being a big sister. We know that you are going to love love love it because you love to be a servant, helper, and a teacher. You will be great entertainment for Scott and he is absolutely blessed to have you to show him the ropes. As always, our greatest desire/prayer for you is to have a relationship with your Savior. It’s clear He is doing a work in your heart, drawing you to Him, and we are thrilled and thankful. Enjoy your last few days as an only child because your world is about to be flipped upside down…in a completely incredible way! We can’t believe you are almost FOUR. It just can’t be true. We love you!!!

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